SA30 build 705 version 1.33

There is a new firmware available on the Arcam site (V705).

My amp upgraded itself and I only realized it had done it because when in the NET input the display now says ‘OK TO BROWSE’. Also, (unless I’m imagining it) I seem to have to turn the volume up more when streaming in the NET position. This may be related to fix 3506 below.

The fixes are listed below.

Fix list:
J153 – Stop playback during Dirac setup
J154 – Disconnecting from Dirac during setup
J169 – Distortion after extended playback with Dirac applied.
J171 – Dirac response changes for different sample rates
3483 – Dirac applied with headphones
3506 – Match output levels for different input types.
3630 – No audio after Dirac app exited

Remove digital icon for non direct inputs

The following issues reported in this forum are solved in this build:


I confirm that I need to turn up the volume as compared to before. It is obvious.
I do as well have that message “OK to browse”. OK to browser what ???
To be honest the software development quality is poor.
I can’t believe that such a team is behind such a brand.
I will address a written letter to the ARCAM CEO.


With this release the device switches back on by itself after I switched it off with the remote, when the tv connected to the arc input is still on. Oh well, you win some, you lose some…

I also notice tat remote control does not respond accuratly for the volume.When pressing once it increases of 2 steps.
I will try to play back the previous version.

I have just done the factory reset that the instructions state to do. Most of my settings such as max vol etc were kept anyway. The only differences are the OK TO BROWSE message in the NET setting and I have to turn the volume up 3 or 4 notches more than I did before. Most of the fixes seem to be related to DIRAC. One of them seems to be related to when DIRAC is applied to an analogue input. A while ago an Arcam engineer told me they were aware it causes distortion. It looks like they’ve addressed that. I’ve tried DIRAC but gone back to not using it as my room acoustics are very good anyway.

Mine updated itself. If I hadn’t seen the OK To BROWSE I wouldn’t have realised it had. I assume the message means ok to browse your network for music. In my case I stream my music from my NAS so it reads correct.

I think the volume issue would be related to fix 3506.
I don’t have an issue with that.

Agree with you on Dirac. I prefer not to use it, sounds flat to me. Also the bass in my system sounds so much fuller and prominent without Dirac applied. I guess my listening conditions are sufficiently good that Dirac is not beneficial, and the doc pretty much says you are actually better trying to do room correction yourself with speaker positioning etc, rather than Dirac which is " your next best choice"

Hi paulguk, thank you for reporting this new version and posting a new topic on this forum :-). I moved this topic to the proper category and granted everybody to create new topics in the software category.

I didn’t notice there was a new version by myself, I didn’t even install it yet. At a later moment I will try to install it and report my findings (if any).

I know people are working very hard and doing their best to deliver the release. Can you please clarify what expectations are not met?

The things that haven’t been addressed that interest me are;

  1. Still unable to select USB input.
  2. Still unable to ‘Cast to device’ from Windows 10.

‘Cast to device’ from Windows 10 works for me. Worked prior to this upgrade too.

I notice that the “PC USB” button on the remote now selects the ARC input.
Also there is now a “lip sync” setting for each input. I have found my lip sync issues are now resolved using the ARC connection to my Samsung TV.
The issue with the volume level going up two steps each remote press seems better but not completely resolved.
This amp has “personality” but man it sounds good !!!

The Volume going up 2 steps is a bit weird.
Also the general volume behavior is strange. On the previous version 20 was rather loud now to get the same volume I have to go to 30 or 35 !
I’ll like to understand why that has been done and what it means as general performance of the Amp.

I think the change has bought casting volume inline with other inputs. Now I’m at 30-40 for phono, cd and casting Spotify. I used to set the max for casting to 20 to stop it from being crazy loud if I switched from phono to casting and forgot to turn the amp down.

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That’s interesting. When I raised it before others concurred they couldn’t either. I know it isn’t Windows as I have an Oppo player and I can cast to that no problem. On the SA30 when I do it the player knows I’m attempting to as it will display the track meta data on the display but won’t actually play the track. It’s not a show stopper as I rarely need to do it but occasionally I might download something and quickly want to listen to it on the amp.

Are you referring to the following issue? I didn’t retest it with 705 build yet. I’m sure this was an issue with the mentioned SA30 firmware build.

It is yes. For me I see no change.

Not sure if this is your problem, but check the SA30 is using the same IP address as where you are casting from - eg laptop or PC etc.

My router is in the living room, but my SA30 and windows 10 laptop are in my front room. So I have two WiFi extender discs in the front room to boost the signal from the router and enable the SA30 and laptop to connect to the network. I couldn’t cast the other day, and then I realised the SA30 was attached to one extender disc, and my laptop was attached to the other disc. Both discs have different IP addresses, so I connected the laptop to the same disc as the SA30 and bingo, was able to cast no problem. Hope this helps.

I find it very confusing that Arcam doesn’t mention the “lip sync” in the fix list.

Any way, the lip sync issues I experienced with an optical cable from my TV to the SA30 are mostly gone. I write “mostly”, because there is still a very small delay resulting in an echo when both the television and SA30 are playing. But when i mute the sound of my TV, the sound is synced enough with the visuals not to be bothered. So I can live with it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Very strange that the added “lip sync” menu only allows to delay the sound of the SA30 with 0-200ms and not to the reverse, which basically makes the problem just worse in my case :upside_down_face:

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Yes, wouldn’t it be great if the SA30 could play a sound before it arrived at the input? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes indeed :innocent: the sound of the future!

Or… just make a “digital direct” option with zero delay would also be awesome :slightly_smiling_face: