Roon feature "Automatically Sleep Device" doesn't work, ref#81

With the latest beta SA30 firmware (1.25.4)

  • In Roon Device Setup for the SA30 set the “Automatically Sleep Device” setting to p.e. 30 sec.
  • Stop or pause Roon playing music .

Actual result
The SA30 does not go into standby mode after 30 sec.

Expected result
The SA30 does go into standby mode after 30 sec.

Additional information
Although the SA30 has its own Timeout setting, it would be nice if this Roon feature would also work as it is more finely tunable than the 20m / 40m / 1h … setting of the amp.

Hi Mark, thank you for posting another Roon issue. I cannot reproduce it because I do not have a Roon subscription. I created a ticket for it.

The latest response:

I’ll pass this on to the team.

Hi @Mark, there is a new SA30 firmware version 1.33 build 705. Could you please have a look if new build solves this issue? Thank you.

Not solved. Behaviour is a bit different now though: After the Roon sleep timeout the SA30 changes its selected input from “Roon Ready” to another one (possibly the last one used, in my case “Arc”). But it doesn’t put itself in standby.

And there’s a new problem as well (hurray): When after playing from Roon I use the remote to switch the SA30 off, it will turn itself on again after around 10 seconds. The input will then be set to “AUX”, an input I am not using. If I then switch it off again, it will stay off.
This problem does not occur when “Net Standby” is disabled.

FYI: Arcam support has replied that there will be a fix for the turn on problem.

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