SA-30 & Home Assistant

Hi folks,

Just checking in to see if anyone’s using the “Arcam FMJ Receivers” Home Assistant integration with the SA30?

I use it with my AVR550, and although it doesn’t state it supports the SA30 it will turn-off amp, but not turn it back on again.

I pretty much only use the amp as a Roon endpoint, so just being able to turn it on and off over IP would be really useful. Anyone?

I’m using it (again). For some time there was some issue, and having this integration configured caused amp to crash and reboot every once in a while.
But now seems to work ok.
Do you have “Net standby” option in amp menu set to on? If not, than it’s not on the network when in standby, so you cannot turn it on.
Also using Roon. It switches amp on perfectly when you start playing, so HA is used only switch amp off (for example with automation and a switch, that switches everything off for the night, including SA30).

Hi Felix,

Yes the Net Standby is set to on. The Android phone app is able to switch it off and on, and I’m able to hit the web UI when the amp is off, so it’s deffo on the network.

WRT Roon - Are you saying that in your setup the SA30 endpoint appears in Roon even when the amp is in standby, and that you can bring it out of standby by simply by playing to it in the Roon app? My endpoint disappears from Roon when the amp is in standby and I have to go manually turn the amp on to make it appear.

BTW - We have spoken before I think. I was the guy that updated the firmware because the Arcam was starting up with balance hard over to one side. Updating to the latest firmware fixed the balance issue, but the IR remote hasn’t worked since. Hence trying to get some sort of IP control working.

I thought by waiting a year all these s/w teething issues would have been done with - wrong! :sob:

EDIT - correction the Roon behaviour is as I think yours is. Its not disappearing and it is turning on the amp. Ya! Hmmm interesting - off to play some more.