Arcam SA30 remains in standby and is non-responsive

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30 version , build ? is used
  2. start Arcam Music Life iOS app, build 2.3.6 (895) is used
  3. Cold power on of device does not startup the SA30. Actually it goes into standby mode meaning the display will not lit up and the led next to the power button is red. The display remains complete blank after power on. The device cannot be managed by remote control (even with new batteries) or by music life and Arcam app or by web browser. The LAN connection is not active meaning no lights are lit up on the SA30 and on the network switch. A new ethernet cable did not solve this problem.

Actual result
A non-responsive SA30

Expected result
Normal operation

Additional information
A couple of weeks ago I upgraded to the latest version via the web browser. I assume this is version V1027 V1.62. This upgrade went without issues and I used the SA30 for a week of 2 without problems. I changed nothing, not in setup nor in configuration.

I usually don’t put the SA30 in standby but perform a full power off with the power button. I use the SA30 not regularly, only maybe twice a week and in total for no more than a few hours. I bought the SA30 last december.

It might be worth trying a factory reset as detailed in this link.

If that fails then you may have a faulty amp.

Thanks for the suggestion, however unfortunately it was not successful. The device did not respond to the procedure. I used a freshly formatted (FAT-32) USB memory stick with only the SWU file and pressed the service button on the back for about 1 minute. The display remained blank. I also did notice that the lights of the USB stick did not fire up (just as the LAN socket lights), so I assume it is a power problem somewhere in the device. Looks like I need to bring it in for repair. A real bummer because the device is only 6 months old and service might take some time including shipment.