SA30 display flickers, ref#95

Today I noticed some text appears on the SA30 console whilst I expected the display remains black because I disabled the brightness setting. Does anybody experience similar behaviour? It doesn’t reproduce very well.

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30 build 713 is used
  2. start Arcam Music Life iOS app, build 3.1.1 (3111) is used
  3. in Music Life app press the cross-hair, select SA30, set brightness to off (SA30 display is black=ok)
  4. play some music

Actual result
After some time there appears some (fragments) of the text ‘Streaming’. The text appears for a fraction of a second and then it disappears. It repeats every 10 seconds. At the following offsets the following text appear on the SA30 console (the video can be found here):

Offset (m:ss:ff)




Expected result
The SA30 console should remain black.

I thought I was imagining that! But yes - I get the same thing.

Hi Mikeak, Welcome to the forum! Thanks for the confirmation. I only saw this this issue once and I’m not able to reproduce it. I informed Arcam about this issue and they cannot reproduce it either. Are you able to repro it?

I haven’t tried to be honest. It’s just something I’ve noticed out of the corner of my eye a couple of times since the update. I’m not sure I’d have the patience to try and catch a photo!

No problem, if you find out any more information on this then please comment it here. Thank you.

I noticed this issue for the second time. In both cases I was listening to hi res tracks. The tracks are stored on a nas and streamed to SA30.