Sound stuttering on non Dirac input, ref#99

Sound stutters frequently when listening to input from Sky box.

Is this a dupe of the next issue?

No, this is something that I’m not sure that I’ve noticed before, but I haven’t used the Sky box with the SA30 for some time. (Sorry I was going to add some content but couldn’t straight away).
Last night I listened to a concert on BBC Four. I connected to the SA30 via the SAT input which is optical.
There must have been thirty or forty stutters, similar to the problem caused when the distortion with Dirac was ‘cured’.
I have a feeling, like before, that this may be caused by having a Dirac curve in the system even though it is not active.
I am going to do a factory reset this morning, which should clear out the Dirac curve, and then play the recording that I made of part of the concert to see if the problem is still there. It will be the same input so hopefully a fair test.

Hi jvs1

No, I’ve replied on the forum.


Sounds like a good test. What also might help, although at first sight it might seem insignificant, is to state the steps you executed in your test case as short bullet points. It helps in understanding your work flow. Maybe you are in the opportunity to record the stuttering sound and attach it? If the problem doesn’t reproduce after a factory then extend your test case with applying a Dirac curve. Hope this helps.

I have carried out the following steps:

  • Connect Sky box with SA30 through an optical connection
  • Performed a NET RESET
  • Performed a SYSTEM RESET
  • Made a couple of adjustments to system settings such as max vol
  • Played a recording of the programme from last night

This did clear out any Dirac curves.
Unfortunately the stutters are still apparent. At first we thought that they were less frequent, butt now we are not convinced.
I did turn up the SA30 volume part way through and there were two stutters very soon after. I have often wondered if the problem is volume related. We feel, however, that some stutters are less ‘intense’ - or is it the case that we didn’t spot some before?
I had the advantage this time of being able to rewind at each stutter and can confirm that none of the stutters appeared in the same place, eliminating the source.
I will keep investigating.
It would be interesting to see if anyone on the forum can replicate the setup! Firmware 705,

I added the optical connection to the steps, it might be relevant. I cannot test it because I have no optical cables. Maybe other forum users can assist?

Because you were able to reproduce it I created a ticket for it. I’ll keep you posted.

I received an update on this issue. Arcam is aware of this issue and they are actively looking into this issue now.

Thanks. I will keep monitoring the issue.


What you are describing as a stutter, could it also be described as a glitch - eg like a very small solitary “jump” that lasts only a split second? I am experiencing this using optical interconnects between the SA30 and my Cambridge Audio 851N network streamer. It doesn’t happen when I use RCA analogues between the amp and streamer so suggests it is a fault with digital connections.

Yes,it could be described as such. To add, though, I’ve has similar on analogue inputs.

Thanks for reply. To be fair I didnt listen that long with analogue cables so maybe would have got a glitch eventually.

I rolled back from the latest FW to v1.21 and seems to have cured it. Reading now that other posters seem to have done the same

I came across a post from somebody who got a reply from Arcam that the latest FW had sorted issues at the expense of introducing these glitches, but reckoned it was the lesser of the two evils and would be fixed some time in the future. I must admit it almost took my breath away. Absolutely astonishing that a 2K amp has had so many problems, and as many others have said here and elsewhere we have forked out on this amp not knowing we were guinea pigs, or unpaid Beta testers, for Arcam!

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So I have just bought this the AS30 and am experiencing this stuttering. I’m using the optical (SAT input). Is there any update on this? The FW is 1.33, is this the current version?

Sorry if this is a silly question, but does this unit update it self or do you to download from somewhere?

Try this update.


Try this update

Try this, the latest update.


Hi Jay, welcome to the forum! SA30 firmware version 1.33 aka build 705 is not the latest published release build, version 1.41 (build 867) is the latest build released to the public. You can update the firmware in several ways. One way to update the firmware is through USB (recommended).

  1. goto the Arcam web site and download the latest firmware.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip
  3. the zip contains a description how to install the firmware.

Hope this helps.

I revived and updated an old post which describes the various methods how to update the SA30 firmware. Please refer to the link below.

Hey, thanks for that. So I just updated to 1.41. I don’t understand the reset to factory step? Wouldn’t this just wipe the update?

Still concerned for the stuttering. Do I keep the unit or return it? Very concerned considering the money I spent on this amp.

The manual states that a factory reset and system reboot is mandatory after each update. The factory reset doesn’t wipe the update, it defaults all settings.

I understand. I would advise you to give it a try. If you have any other question just ask. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase then I would advise to contact your dealer.