Sound stuttering on non Dirac input, ref#99

Today Roon was messing up. I had made no changes. One thing that has been consistent has been Roon. Although not certified, it worked perfectly except for the distortion problem. But today, the signal path on MQA was a mess. All sorts of strangeness. I reset the Network and re enabled the SA30 and it seems to have sorted it. I am beginning to wonder if I should redo the update via USB and start everything over. UGH…


Thanks so much for your help so far. I followed everything you suggested. Seemed to update successfully and wiped my Dirac curves in the process which were easy to load back from my saved projects. Stutter seems to have stopped although now the curves I had saved no longer sound the same? Also seems to be a new input ‘root airable’ what is this? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

People report the amplifier sounds different with this firmware version, I don’t know.

I saw this new message too. This text pops up on the SA30 console if you’re listening to ARC input and disable the external receiver setting on the TV. I thought the previous version stated something like unsupported in this case. I think this is the replacement message in this situation.

I’m about to pack it back in the box and take it back. The stutter is back and sounds like there is distortion even at low volume.

I’ve only had a chance to listen for about an hour yesterday, since updating. The stutter seems a lot better. I was feeding an Arcam tuner into the SA30 via PVR. The DIRAC curve was on – this is the setup where I experienced the most stutter.

Have you tried doing a system reset which would remove any DIRAC curves, and then putting DIRECT on with an analogue input? This won’t help if you want DIRAC on but would pinpoint the issue.

What were you feeding in via SAT?


I’ve started from scratch at least 5 times. I’m using the optical for both Apple TV and a Samsung TV. For music I’m using airplay. Both the airplay and tv now distort after the FW upgrade. The remote is only responsive some of the time. The stutter is evident with both Dirac on and off through both digital and analogue.

Did you have that problem with the 705 FW to?

The stutter and remote has always been a problem. The distortion is new.

I have problems with my remote to, but only if i put the SA30 in stand-by. If i put it all the way off my remote functions perfectly after putting it on. Try that for the remote problem and see if it helps.

The stutter and the distortion should be a minor problem or not a problem at all after updating the FW. So maybe you have a hardwear problem?

So if I do that I need to walk to the unit to initially turn it on? For a $4,000 AUD unit, do you think that’s reasonable?

The FW has been updated and I have cycled through the reset NET and system. Some of problems resonate with some described here? I’m thinking this unit should not have been released till all testing and quality assurance achieved.

I sometimes have problems with the remote, having to press a button more than once to get a response.

Since the new update my SA30 is responding to my TV remote, coming out of standby several times a day, which it didn’t do before. Also, when it wakes up it goes through the full cycle, taking considerably longer. This didn’t happen before as long as Net Standby was on, which it is now .


No, of course not, but it is a way to at least troubleshoot and then be able to send an error report to support about it. That way, you know at least what is causing the problem. But I completely agree with you that it is unacceptable for such an expensive product.

I listened to a concert last night with the same setup as described in the creation of this topic. This was Sky Q box into the SAT input of the SA30. The same stutters were evident, but not so frequent as before.

Thanks for the information, I fed it back.

Are you sure it’s about remote?
Mine is actually rebooting once in a while when put to stand by. Wonder if it has something to do with ARC, but since I don’t have easy access to the back of the amp, not willing to test now. Anyway in my case it’s definitely not related to any other remote.
This annoying issue started with latest firmware.
Impossible to check the logs, as they get deleted on full reboot. This is actually something, that Arcam should change. If logs are deleted on reboot, it makes it much harder to investigate any crashes.

Yes, I’m certain that it’s the remotes.


This is a good example of an issue not being the fault of Arcam but rather SKY.

I too have a SKY Q box and get blips.

This is well documented on the SKY forums and to be honest, SKY do not care about the minority AV enthusiasts such as us, so the chance of it being fixed is small.

The solution is to not use Dolby Digital or not use an AV amp with the SKY Q box.

Just for reference, SKY Q also doesn’t work with 24Hz based video sources either such as films on Netflix and causes terrible judder (I ended up purchasing a Nvidia Shield Pro to resolve).