Micro stutter when using Dirac

Hi, I couldn’t see this issue listed but apologies if it is already captured. I’m using firmware V1.62 but it was the same when using the previous version.

CD analogue input, switch Dirac on and I get occasional micro stutters when listening to the input. Not repeatable and random in nature, but they don’t occur when Dirac is switched off/using stereo direct. I’m using Dirac 3.0.13. Might get 1 stutter per song or might only get 1 per hour.

I’m using Qobuz from PC into a Chord Qutest into the SA30. Using a different streaming service or my CD player makes no difference.

I also get the stutter when using Dirac with the inbuilt streaming/DAC.

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Yes this is a known issue. I listened to a concert last night and eventually had to switch back to DIRECT to remove the DIRAC as it becomes annoying.

Hi Sam, did you have a look at the following issue: ARC: audio interruptions are noticeable, ref#92? This issue is about audio dropouts / interruptions over ARC. Other users reported dropouts on other input sources. The topic contains audio recordings as well. I would recommend to check it out. If your situation is different then please report it.

Thanks both. It’s not connected to ARC at all - I don’t use the HDMI port.

Does your stutter sound similar to recording 2 and 3 in this post?

Yes, it does. Only happens with Dirac engaged.

Interestingly, I disconnected the ethernet cable and the drop outs seem to have disappeared! I connected via wifi and there were fewer drop outs but still the odd one. Turned wifi off and back to no drop outs at all again. I don’t use the network function but just kept the cable in since installation because of Dirac set up.

Will keep monitoring to see if this is a repeatable issue and “solution”.

I have tried this and sadly (for me) the dropouts are still there.

Drop outs returned for me too (false hope!)

I have noticed these dropouts with phono MM input whenever not playing through Direct setting,. This was before I ever used or started with Dirac.
Weird experience to have digital dropouts on phono! :face_with_monocle:

Net v1027
ARC 1.27