Cracking noise when streaming Tidal using Dirac

I experience a cracking electric noise when streaming from Tidal with either Tidal client or Musiclife. Sounds like a typical electric crack as if the speaker is pushed beyond limits or is broken… But volume is low:). The issue happens only when I use Dirac. When I turn Dirac off, I do not experience problem. With Spotify it all sounds perfect using Dirac.

I use JBL L100 Classic speakers with the Arcam SA30.

Anyone experienced the same?

Hi, I had a similar problem, regardless of the volume level, I had crackles on some tracks using the dirac. I forgot to upload the microphone configuration file and the dirac raised some bands too high. After uploading the configuration file, Dirac did not boost the decibels on some bands anymore. Forgive me for my English, but I use a translator

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Thanks. I will try to verify signature. But strange that issue is only with Tidal and not with Spotify.