SA30 Causing Distortion and Popping when Streaming (Spotify and Tidal)

I noticed that when playing a specific song on Spotify (either through Musiclife or Spotify Connect) there was very noticeable distortion through the speakers, in the form of crackling (almost like the crackling sound from some vinyl records) at certain points in the track.

To date, bizarrely, this only seems to have happened with one single song (“Kiss from a Rose”, by Seal) on Spotify, but I was able to replicate the issue every time it was played (noted particularly at between around 50s and 1minute) and with every version of the song I could find on Spotify (i.e. the same song on different albums, which I presume is actually the same recording). The very odd thing is that this crackling and distortion does not appear when I play the song through Spotify on other systems, and I don’t yet seem to have heard it with other songs.

This morning I also noticed “popping” on the right channel when listening to a few songs from the album Mer De Nom by A Perfect Circle. It is as if a particular frequency (I think possibly a snare hit) is causing again some kind of distortion when playing through Spotify and Tidal, either through Musiclife or Spotify/Tidal Connect. I tried playing the same album streaming via Tidal and Spotify to my Yamaha RX-A6A, which is in turn running through the SA30 (in Processor Mode) and there was no issue at all, so it seems to be the streaming or pre-amp of the SA30 causing the issue rather than the track/s or the speakers.

Any ideas?

I had a left channel crackling problem too along with the left channel cutting out intermittently. Amp went back to Arcam, they replaced some components and the pollen went away

sorry to bomb your thread but what the f are those seal lyrics… now that your rose is in bloom… wat