SA750 popping noise

I am using SA750 with JBL 4312G
And usually listen to music with Tidal streaming(ver 1.72 latest) and my own Dirac set.

But when i change tracks, sometimes (very randomly) Popping(click ) nosie has occurred.
And it seems regardless MQA or Dirac setting.

Is there anyone solve those problem?
I hope to solve this problem or want to know why this problem occurs :cry:

I have not experienced anything like that so far, though I’ve only had mine for about a week so far. I’d suggest you try doing a factory reset.

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If you are changing tracks while there is something playing it is common to hear the disruption in signal traffic, this occurs on non ARCAM equipment as well so I am not really sure that something is broken therefore I doubt you can fix it. I assume you are on the latest firmware as its more of a software design issue that could be addressed by firmware. I have this with MYTek as well.

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