Dirac distortion

Can’t see any other posts on this so thought I’d start one.

I find that when I apply Dirac setting I get loud distortion sometimes. Doesn’t happen with every song, and not with every type of playback. With vinyl it usually starts after a few songs, when streaming on Roon via my Hugo 2 DAC (connected to SA30 with RCA cables) it happens after several songs. Using the SA30 only (without Hugo 2) it happens very infrequently, sometimes not at all. I’m sure I read on a forum somewhere else that Arcam are aware of issues with Dirac. Anybody else encountered Dirac issues?

Hi Gryffe, I don’t use any Dirac yet. Are you referring to the next issue? Were you able to resolve it? If no, why not?

Yes, similar issue.
That thread did not mention experiencing vinyl problem though.
Is there a reason you didnt try Dirac. I was led to believe it is a big selling point of the SA30?

I didn’t use Dirac yet because I didn’t make time to configure it. I believe Dirac is also it is a key selling point of the SA30.

Was the other issue solved then?

No it wasnt.

As I said I have a feeling I read somewhere (cannot remember where) that Arcam are aware of issues with Dirac.

Well, you can compile an issue (state used hardware, performed steps and actual results) and I’ll create a ticket to inquiry about it. I thought I had read somewhere too about the Dirac issues (I think it was your issue on the Roon community forum).

It’s ok, no worries. It’s no big issue, lets see if a software fix comes along from Arcam. I was more interested to see if any other users had an issue like mine.

I used Dirac in the beginning and couldn’t figure out a curve that does not add any distortion/rumbling in the base frequencies. So far, I haven’t inquired any further since I am still waiting on the audio delay fix. After that I wanted to test Dirac again.

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FYI: I’ve been using Dirac the last couple of weeks, and have not noticed any distortion.
Of course the problem might be dependent on the amount or type of corrections applied, so maybe I’m just lucky.

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A while back I was in email contact with one of Arcam’s field engineers and he told me there were issues currently with Dirac when applied to analogue inputs and they were aware of it.

I haven’t tried it to confirm personally but it looks like you have. I have tried Dirac on the NET input for streaming music from my NAS and it works ok that way.

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Useful info from Arcam, thanks

I experienced this until the latest update (v705) where the audio would reduce to nothing. The update ‘cured’ this but introduced the dropouts.

Hi @gryffe, @eeck, @Mark, @paulguk, @derekc23.

Since I have no dirac set up I have the following question:

Is dirac distortion still an issue with build 705?

If there is an issue then please state the steps performed, actual and expected result. If not then then please mention it too. If there is an issue I’ll will create a ticket for it else I will close this topic.

Yes there was distortion without Dirac when streaming from my NAS after several hours listening. The only way I could resolve it was by turning the amp off and back on again.

That along with the random reboots and the fact the amp has lost its punch on the new firmware is the reason I have rolled back to v521.

As far as I can make out, the DIRAC distortion is cured with 705. However, as we have already pointed out, the distortion is replaced by dropouts. I listened to a concert last night with DIRECT Analogue on, which takes out Dirac, and I couldn’t hear the dropouts either.