SA30 build 867, version 1.41

New firmware now available

Host Version V1.41 NET V867
ARC V1.6
ARC Rx V1.0.0

Fix list:

3588 – Dirac tones not being output in direct 3639 – Dirac Calibrating message after net reset
3762 – Mute state recalled at power up
J184 – Fix audio audio drops outs on external inputs
J188 – Improve Google Home setup

Refer to next post for details on how to upgrade:

Hello Pierre, thanks for the notification. The long awaited new version of the SA30 firmware has finally been released to the public. I moved your post to a new topic.

It doesn’t say that it fixes the issue with distortion though. Nor does it say it has resolved the ‘Cast to Device’ capability from a Windows PC / Laptop.

I think a load of fixes is included, the attached release note doesn’t reflect all the changes. An increase of 150+ in build number suggests there is more.

I wonder if it is Roon Ready Certified now??? Mine just updated itself. I thought it had finally bit the dust… I had no warning… its playing.


I’ve noticed indeed some other improvements as well:

  • When Net Standby setting is off, the amp doesn’t wake up from other ir remotes anymore
  • When switching amp off when Roon input was playing, it doesn’t turn itself on after a few seconds anymore
  • Behaviour of arc input from tv seems better, it sometimes got confused with the volume control.

So there’s probably more stuff fixed then the release notes say.

I reset the net and the system and reloaded the Dirac filters. So far it’s perfect. And it sounds wonderful via Roon and analog so far. Fingers crossed!!!


Well from my initial testing with the sync issue it seems they made it worse again with this update. It is now approximately 50ms behind again and with DIRAC profile about 55ms. This is infuriating.

Tested on Youtube

And downloaded the test file from

@eeck was just watching new Grand Tour episode, and haven’t seen the issue. Haven’t reset the amp yet though after upgrade.
Have you tried using different DAC filter? I’m using minimum phase slow roll off. According to ESS datasheet for the dac, default apodizing filter introduces quite big delay.

I have never used the HDMI port, so I have nothing to report about sync issues. But I sympathize , those issues are like hunting ground issues with a turntable. Very frustrating. I have a Directv receiver that never syncs properly on local channels. But anyway, the amp has been streaming from Roon all day, a mix of MQA and red book etc. No distortion! And I might add it seems to sound better than ever.


My Dirac did not work correctly or maybe not at all until I reset the net and system, then reloaded the Dirac filters. Made a big difference.


I know reset is needed. It was just too late to play with it, so just upgraded. Reset and configuration will do today.

Edit: did reset and testing.
So far sounds ok, but volume control bug (if max volume setting is used) is worse than it was, and really annoying. Also still no Roon certification, and I’m not expecting one anytime soon, as is still not up to it. Messed up volume control + power control from Roon still doesn’t work. When powering down from Roon, it will not power down amp, instead just switch off Roon Ready input, going back to last used input. Roon will definitely not certify this at this stage.
Maybe Arcam should hire some real developers finally? Now it seems their software is made by a bunch of school boys, who just started learning to code… Quite sad for a respectable company with huge tradition…

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After an update and full reset (net, system) distorions on hi-res files are still present (although a bit less often) :frowning: what a shame.

Yes. It is the same for me. I have the the issue mostly when playing FLAC 192khz 24bit. More less as you say though. So the problem is not solved. I hope we do not have to wait as long time as last time for a new software that solves it. I am still not satisfied. And also is the remote acting strange for me.

I can see that the problems appear more frequently if I put my SA30 in standby mode and start it. It doesn’t occur as often if I put it totally off. The remote works fine if I put it in totally off and the destortion happens less often to then.

Well I have not had the distortion issue just yet that I have noticed. But I played my turntable allot yesterday. I did notice a new problem. When switching to an analog input while listening to Roon, the analog input will remain muted. I will have to switch to another input or to direct mode to unmute the input. I am beginning to wonder if the root of the trouble is in the electronic switching from the ethernet input to the other inputs. I have never owned another Roon Ready amp, so I am not exactly sure how Roon Ready should work. My amp will automatically wake and switch to the Roon Ready input when sending it music from Roon. After I stop the music, the amp will go to sleep after a bit of silence. I have noticed the volume level shown on the arcam display now matches what is shown in Roon. Before the numbers did not match, but tracked correctly . Overall, I think its a step in the right direction. But I am worried I am reaching the point of no return on this amp. If they don’t get it fixed, it would be a hard sell on the used market and I am not sure the dealer would take it back after too many months of use. Ugh…


Another issue that has occurd for me is if I go from playing Roon (NET) to the Phono (MM) it doesn’t play any sound. I then have to change input and go back to Phono (MM) to get it to play. And sometimes it than plays with distortion so I ones again have to change input and change back. The same thing occurs if I use an external RIAA. Seams like new bugs have occurd :frowning:

If I put the Phono (MM) in Direct On than that doesn’t occur though. So I think it has to do with the DAC not shifting correctly?

Sorry you guys are still having troubles with this release, sounds frustrating.

On balance I think I’m still sticking with 521. MusicLife aside, the sync on HDMI ARC is the only thing I’ve had trouble with on that release and in part it’s down to my LG TV.

You know I don’t think it’s the developers so much that are the issue here’s, they clearly don’t have hundreds of them and they’ve done a lot in this release it seems. As ever I think it’s down to testing that is lacking. Perhaps they should put “beta” releases out to those willing who reported problems and get their feedback before putting out on general release?

Yes, this is what I was talking about. A new problem! I resorted to an external phono stage as the MC stage of the Arcam is not quiet up to the task of matching my Koetsu Urishi Vermillion which is .2 mv output. So when I play my turntable I am switching to another analog input. I am hearing some distortion on a MQA 192 track as I right this. Holy hell…

When this amp works correctly, it just sounds so dam good. I am just torn over this amp.


Is it possible to get that release somehow? I also want to test that? I can’t find it anywhere?

@Ken you said about volume in Roon. Are you using “max volume” option? I assume not, but worth checking :slight_smile:

@madfiddler about sync issue, try using minimum phase slow roll off filter. Apodizing has roughly 50ms delay by default, according to ESS documents.
As for issues we are having, testing is one thing. But i seriously doubt they have any capable developers. Issues with volume control scaling are really very, very basic ones. It’s really hard to get it wrong, and to be honest it’s first time i see this kind of issues in ANY gear.
Another thing, is that they are putting all the efforts into AVRs, leaving their stereo gear aside.
I’m pretty sure they will get it right one day, so I’m not getting rid of SA30. But i am frustrated with this, and to be honest probably will not get another Arcam in the future. It’s really up to them now, to regain customers trust. So far they are failing…