SA30 build 910, version 1.42

Listening to Arc input since Friday 26th Feb, I’ve not heard the very short jitter / glitches that used to occur every few minutes or more.
Firmware 1.42 (I don’t know when it changed from v1. 41)
Net Ver v910
Arc v1.6.
Arc Rx 1.0.0
There have been no changes to the TV or anything else. Has anyone else noticed an improvement?

Hmmm, that’s interesting. I cannot find this update anywhere.
On Arcam website I can still see 867, my amp is also not finding any update.

No changes here either…

Wonder if they accidentally published some beta as OTA release, and pulled it off before many amps downloaded it?
What is interesting, is that again ARC versions remain unchanged. I assume ARC is DSP.
Would like to get my hands on it to test :slight_smile:

Edit: Found it. Question is, do i dare to install? :slight_smile:
What is the reason it was pulled off?

The glitches returned last night. I’d say fewer than there had been previously but a few within a single track. They’re still there :neutral_face:

Is ARC the audio return channel associated with the HDMI input for using a TV with the SA 30?

Actually hard to say. There are two “ARCs” in firmware version. I assume at least one is related to DSP (“Advanced Room Correction” or something similar).

Yea, that makes sense. I still get distortion from time to time with the wifi connection and Roon. It seems to happen most often when switching MQA resolutions to 48 kHz from a higher MQA resolution. I have a playlist with tracks selected for great music and great sound, and I play that playlist when friends want to demo my stereo. The tracks bounce around to different MQA resolutions and I am assured I will need to switch to an analog input and restart Roon playback to stop the distortion, at least once a session. Ugh,

Are you able to find some repeatable pattern? Like when switching from this song to this song it will be distorted?
Would test in my setup. I’m still lucky not to have distortion at all since i think December.
Although let’s see - i went for it, and have 910 now :wink:
Seems they have finally fixed volume scaling issue, with Max Volume setting! :slight_smile:

I don’t see 910 on the Arcam website. How did you get it?

I will go back to my playlist and see if its repeatable. If so, I will tell you the track order from Tidal via Roon so you can test.

Ok , the tracks were switching from the Eagles Hell Freezes over Hotel California which is 44.1 kHz MQA , the next rack was Linda Ronstadt "Poor Poor Pitiful Me at 192khz MQA. But it worked fine this morning. Geez its seems random but seems to occur when switching MQA sample rates…

Please check PM.

I’ll try to test when i have some time. Maybe after playing this mix several times something will happen (hopefully not).

Where is version 910 downloaded from? I’ve tried check for update in the web gui as well as the Arcam product page and am not seeing it.

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Felix I’m super interested by the version 910 as well ! :slight_smile:

To all who got link to 910: upgrade via web interface, as usb upgrade seemingly doesn’t work. But it might not be about the release, as 867 also didn’t work for me using usb.

I confirm I had to use the web interface as well (following several unsuccessful trials via usb)

Yes the USB did not work for me, but the web interface went smooth. But the results were not smooth. I used 910 all day and it was just a distortion maker for me. I use Roon and play allot of MQA and rebook. It was distorting on stuff it never distorted on in 867. Anyway I went back to 867 and have everything reset like it was. Geez, I think its best we wait till they officially publish the update on their web site. I am getting more concerned…

Hi Paul, welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing this information, I moved it to a new topic.

Thanks for reporting @Ken
I need to play with it a little bit, but you might not be alone. As shared on PM, yesterday i had distortion first time since December. So maybe it’s not just about the songs/files?
Will report back later today.
What is definitely fixed in 910 is volume scaling, when “Max Volume” option is used. The finally got it right after over a year :smiley: But i think most of you are not using this, so it’s not seen as a huge deal (it is to me though).
Haven’t noticed any other changes, except for… well, distortion, that i haven’t heard for a long time.