SA30 build 867, version 1.41

After upgrading to build 867 my display shows “ROOT Airable” instead of “NET”. Only after powering on it shows NET. When switching back and forth between inputs, the NET input always shows the other text.
This was not the case with the previous firmware, it used to be “NET - Press OK to Browse”
Is this by design, do others have the same issue?

Same for me. Guess they just skipped one step.
Hard to say if it’s by design, but my guess would be yes.
Why do you see it as an issue?

They seem to change it with every update. The latest one doesn’t show you the volume until you start actually streaming meaning it’s possible you could get a rude awakening as soon as it starts playing.

[quote=“rko, post:241, topic:184”]
After upgrading to build 867 my display shows “ROOT Airable” instead of “NET”.

[/quote Arable definition, capable of producing crops; suitable for farming; suited to the plow and for tillage: arable land; arable soil.

Root: the usually underground part of a seed plant body that originates usually from the hypocotyl, functions as an organ of absorption, aeration, and food storage or as a means of anchorage and support, and differs from a stem especially in lacking nodes, buds, and leaves.

So we can guess they are saying the SA 30 is appropriate to bury and it will grow into multiple distortion produce.


It might indicate that the update went wrong and it is a silly text. Why should NET be the only input that does not show its name correct?
It is confusing.

Well mine displays the same.

I just set up the Google Cast on my SA 30. When it got to the point where I should hear a tone through the speakers, I heard nothing. I went ahead with the set up and all works fine. Another glitch in the firmware as I remember setting up Google Cast in 705 went perfectly.


Actually i never heard this test tone when setting up google cast. No matter which firmware version.
But despite this fact it was always working perfectly.

I may be mistaken. But I just remember 705 Google Cast set up went normally. I have a bunch of Google toys around the house so I am used to the set up drill…

Hi all, I am new here in the forum.

I bought my Arcam in SA30 just before Xmas and experienced most of the issues described by many of you, including the Chromecast one. I have recently updated my wifi network and after that the connection got lost and is impossible to restore. So I switched to the hardwired solution and airplay is back, but bye bye chromecast. Not sure I’ll spend additional time to look for a solution… looks like a lost cause.
But the problem that bothers me the most is the the distortion issue. It pops up any moment, even more frequently after the v.867 firmware upgrade, whatever track I play and in whatever order.

My dealer has good direct connections with the Arcam guys and spoke to some engineer. It seems they know the problem is in the DSP and are working on a new firmware to solve it, but my feeling based on the discussion we had is that they have little clue how to do it, as its presentation is quite random and not systematic. So, the deal with the dealer is clear, if after the next firmware update (release date unknown) the problem is not gone, I’ll give the amp back and get a new one, most likely an Atoll IN200+streamer or an Hegel H120.

The dealer promised he will let me know as soon as he has direct fresh info from Arcam. I’ll share with you all as I know more.

Regarding the distortion issue, I struggle to understand the line Arcam are saying about not having a clue about how to solve it because the distortion issue wasn’t there before V705 so surely just turn the settings back to that whilst keeping all the other fixes that have worked, or is that too simple?

World of mouth info can be misleading, but my understanding was that they know what went wrong with the firmware update, but cannot figure our why in some cases the problem is absent or very rare, whereas in some others, like mine, is such a pain. The lack of systematic presentation is what seems to make them struggle with finding a solution. Again, referred and filtered oral info… The only thing I know for sure is that I give them only one chance to get this sorted out…

In the past, I have owned a Denon AVR-4306 and currently have an Arcam AVR-850.
The SINADs as recorded on ASR are:

  • Denon AVR-4306 = 79dB

  • Arcam AVR-850 = 98db

I can categorically say that the Arcam blows the Denon out of water in reality but the measurements also show this.

When you step into the water of additional measurements on the Arcam AVR-850 on ASR, it does fall apart with some measurements but this is also obvious on listening.

For example, when comparing my Oppo BDP-105 (SABRE DACs) with the Arcam AVR-850 using digital stereo, the Oppo is far better in every way. The Oppo digital processing and DA conversion is far better than the Arcam, hence the Oppo is connected by analogue stereo input into the Arcam.

Note: The closest measured device on ASR of the Oppo is the latest version called the the UDP-205 which records a SINAD of 115dB!!!

In direct mode, my previous Arcam AVR-600 sounded better with the Oppo BDP-105 connected by multichannel analogue cables. However, Dirac has mudded the waters and I think this is a key game changer that makes a radical difference to sound. In my opinion, Dirac should be implemented by every audio manufacturer,

Finally, having had a day of listening to my SA30 replacement system - MiniDSP SHD/Nad C298, it sounds outstanding but the SA30 when it worked also sounded mighty fine too:-)

A Chinese DAC for USD 10 can play most 96k, 192k files flawlessly, many of them DSD too. Terrible, that famous Arcam in not able to design a simple working DAC using a typical chip for an EUR 2500 amp. :confused:

Not that easy. They have to do it in cooperation between them (Arcam) Dirac and DSP hardware provider. As far as I know there are updates on DL firmware and PC software, so just rolling back DSP FW could break DL application.

And that seems very much possible. I guess everyone here seems to struggle to understand why we see those differences. For me distortion is almost non-existent, and for you is terrible.
Where is the key to that?
@Aventador_SVJ I was referring to new models, where Denons measure better than Arcams, yet according to users latter one sound better.
Thanks for update on new setup. Glad you’re happy with it, and good to know c298 is that good.
@MacP Chinese 10$ DAC usually doesn’t have any firmware on it, not to mention DSP with Dirac :wink:

Hi all

Has anyone had a forced update to 867/1.41by any chance?

As some will know I’ve been running the old 521/1.21 firmware deciding to stick with it until distortion issues in later releases get fixed.

So I’ve possibly not had my amp on this week since last Sunday, and when I come to switch on this evening I realise it’s applying an update without me requesting it. I have OTA Upgrade option disabled.

How has this happened? Any ideas? Something weird going on.

Also did anyone downgrade all the way from 867/1.41 to 521/1.21 without issue?

Going to let things lie for a bit and see what happens, I did a system reset and not a net reset btw….for now…

I had the same issue. With OTA upgrade switched off it seemed to last a week on 521 and then when I switched on again it upgraded to 867.
Downgrading via USB worked fine followed by Net and system Resets, switch OTA upgrade off again, but about a week later it was back to 867. After a month I got fed up and have stayed with 867

Have you set up Chromecast. I have something in the back of my mind it may be related to that.

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That’s a possibility

I did that last weekend actually, to add possibility of using chromecast from tidal with my android phone and was comparing what it sounded like versus airplay on another device and I accidentally linked it to play on my SA30 and a chromecast HK Citation One at the same time which wasn’t my intention……interestingly that did give the sound more punch but I wouldn’t have left it that way!

I did also notice Google Home could see all the version stats of my SA30 although I ticked the box not to share analytics :man_shrugging:t2:

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