SA30 build 1206 version 1.7

I see the latest software is now available on the Arcam site.

Fix list:
4076 – Unable to switch from USB to NET
4090 – Disable “Press MENU for options” prompt when upgrading
3841 – “Fixed Volume” change not sent via RS232
4160 - Preout Mute setting added to Audio Settings

J218 Fix distortion present when switch between sample rates

The following issues reported on this forum were fixed too:


Hi paulguk, thanks for reporting. The build addresses ARC: audio interruptions are noticeable, ref#92 too, I added this to your post.

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I have just installed it. I can confirm that it installed as per the guide.

I installed it via the Web GUI by selecting ’ Reboot Device to the Update Mode’ and browsing to the file on my laptop. It didn’t work by the ‘check for update’ option.

Wow, 2 years after purchase the SA30 finally performs as expected and promised. I hope they learned a few lessons for their next product introduction. Updated via web GUI. Installation went exactly as described, which is also for the first time in the history of updates.

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Well I am streaming my second SACD rip at 88.2khz from my NAS with no distortion…looking good (touch wood)

I have just updated.
It didn’t follow the guide! The display showed Net Updating, and then came back to the normal display within 10 minutes. It didn’t carry out steps 2 and 3.
The SA30 was then frozen but turning off and on again showed the correct version numbers.

Were you on 1027 or some previous beta?
I have experienced same as you described, but it was when upgrading from beta to beta.

I was able to succesfully install the firmware, but I had to manually restart the SA30 after the first “net updating”. After the restart, the SA30 started the “net updating” with the progress bar and followed the procedure as described.

Can report i upgraded via process as documented, worked perfectly as described. Listened to three albums via Qobuz so far today, various quality, no dropouts and no distortion

I have just updated.
I have a problem.
After 5-10 minutes of playing music, the sound disappears.
The sound appears if I change the input or reboot.
I recorded a video of how it happens: 20210719_125457_1.mp4 - Google Drive

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@6pa4o I’ve not heard any additional reports of this, and I haven’t experienced it personally. There are a couple of troubleshooting steps you can perform:

  • Try different cables for that input
  • Factory reset the unit

If that doesn’t help, reach out to who will be happy to investigate further with you.

I’ve got report of similar behavior from @arnicekzahradnicek although it was not just stopping playback, but SA30 was chaging input to something else.
I think he has been in touch with you @arcam_paul
Don’t know if he did factory reset as advised.

I did factory reset. I also noticed that playback via UPnP also stopped after a few minutes.
Now i returned to the old version of the software. is always the preferred contact, as they can build up patterns of how many people are encountering specific issues.

Hi, after updating to v.1206 yesterday my ARC is set to v.0.0 and ARC rx is set to v.0.0.0. Anyway the arc/hdmi does not work anymore . What can I do to do fix it?

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@arcam_paul we already have multiple users with this issue after upgrade (some part of the firmware not flashed correctly). Maybe you would consider making recovery instruction public? So far everyone had to send you PM.

No we’d really rather they went through support, as it helps create a pattern of how many users have been affected. I’ve just been replying here as a convenience.

Additionally, the menu was never intended to be a public facing menu, rather an internal engineering menu, so it’s a bit clunky.

That’s actually a good point.

I didn’t know, that process involves engineering menu.

Same here. Awaiting reply from support.

Had to make manual restart after update, but my unit works perfekt. For 3 last days, used USB 384khz no distortion, TuneinRadio works quick, Tidal MQA no distortion, Phono no dropouts, Node2i via Coax input no dropouts, all works great with MusicLife, all day long with DiracLive on. Finaly!!!

great sound.