SA30 build 1306, version 1.72

This is a release candidate, that is expected to be released to the public next week or soon after.

Fix - optimized frequency response for different sample rates

A zip file containing the firmware, release notes and install instructions may be found

Can you elaborate on the Fix for “optimized Frequency Response for different sample rates” ?


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Unfortunately there are no release notes or installation instructions in the zip file, only the firmware image.

Thanks Mark i will check on Sunday. And let you know if the problem is solved.
Jaro, Slovakia

“optimized Frequency Response for different sample rates”

@arcam_mark just wondering what this actually means in reality and what difference we might expect to hear, or what the different behaviour of the amp will be? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I dont see any difference. But i dont really understand what this means: “Fix - optimized frequency response for different sample rates” if this is the problem with the wrong bitrate shown on the display for example on the Patricia Barbers album Clique, there is no difference. with Node2i shows 88,2 and Arcam only 44.1 from the 2. song.

  1. song only shows 352,8kHz.

We found that if the sample rate changed the frequency response at the upper limits could be slightly affected, so this beta build (#1306) addresses that issue.

I can find no reason not to release 1306 as a public. It has been running perfectly on my SA 30 for a week , but I do not use the digital inputs, only analog and Roon via wifi. But all is the same as 1206.

Thanks for the update!

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Hello @arcam_mark / @arcam_nick / @arcam_paul / @ARCAM_CS-Tom

Could you share progress on the next official release of the sa30 firmware ?

The next release will be a big update to streaming services so, as such requires a lot of testing - are there specific issues you are experiencing?

Hello and thanks for the prompt feedback.

My main persisting issue is that once I’ve streamed (Via Chromecast), turning on the TV does not switch automatically to HDMI. I have to manually power down the amplifier to get sound back….

I don’t use the remote (amplifier is in another room), so having the possibility to switch to hdmi source from the app would be more than welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks, we’ll check this out here - what make/model of TV do you have (may be a factor!)?

I own a Q95T from Samsung.
Appart from this usecase, HDMI on/off works as expected

You mention major updates to streaming services. Great to hear. Can we expect Tidal Connect and/or Spotify Connect in the next version update?

Much as I would love to share information here, I’m afraid I must reserve it for official announcements :slight_smile:

Do you have at least any rough ETA? :slight_smile:

Aside from my previous answer, there are also external dependencies we have little control over…:slight_smile:

It was worth to try anyway :smiley:
Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry to be so vague :slight_smile:

Any news on this one? Do we have any potential release date and release notes?