Frequency Response for Digital Inputs in Release 1206

Hi, I just received my SA30 today and have been listening. I connected the optical out of CD player to the digital input of the SA30. I put a CD on repeat and left the amp playing for a few hours. I came back and listened for an hour or so and I thought it sounded pretty good, but a little rolled off. Out of curiosity, I connected the CD to a CA Dacmagic 200m and then connected that to the analog line input in Direct Mode. I thought it sounded a little better, a little more open and extended. Afterward, I found measurements Soundstage had done on the analog in direct mode vs 16/44.1, 24/96 and 24/192 digital inputs.

I’m not sure if the image shows, but it shows the analong gently sloping to -0,2 db at 20khz while 24/96 and 24/192 both drop very fast and are at -32db at 20khz. 16/44.1 has a pretty heavy oscillation from 10khz to 20 and is down about 0,4 db at 20 khz.

The article said that beta 1306 solved the problem. Just checking, since the public release is 1206 (and that’s what mine is, too) that’s the freqency response that all the amps have that aren’t running a beta?

I like the amp, and really liked it in analog. I hope that 1306 comes out soon.


Yes 1306 fixes that top end roll off. And later beta’s add Tidal connect and Spotify connect etc. So good things to come if they would just publish the software they have already written!!!


I have the latest posible beta version tidal and spotify connect work great but. The MusicLife app does not cooperate with the amp anymore cant listen to RadioStations anymore. Hope they will fix this isue as well.