What version firmware for SA30

Hi all, checking to see what is the latest firmware for SA30 as of August 2023 ? Any input appreciated.
Thank you

V1542 - check the website

Sadly Chris there have been no updates for some time, which is a pity as there is so much they could do.

Still for most of us everything is working well and the music sounds beautiful so we can’t have to many complaints

Well, there is still room for improvement, however seems that Arcam abandoned SA30 and any development, as soon as they ironed out major bugs.
Shame on them, as other companies show, that it’s possible to develop firmware and even add new features in product’s lifespan.
It’s a great piece of hardware and sounds very good, but because of poor software development and Arcam’s poor support, i don’t think i will be buying anything from them in the future.


I think that you are correct and they got the platform reliable and in their mind good enough and have stopped development.

This is a real pity as it could be an awesome platform if they had continued to development.

When you look at what WIIM and Eversolo are doing with their software platforms it is amazing to watch (particularly WIIM). Arcam could really learn something from this, but what I bought worked and now works a little bit better, but as you said it could be much better.

My own experience with Arcam support was very good when I had issues with my CDS50 and they managed to solve it for me, escalating it up to a field engineer who went out of his way to get me a solution.

Latest version 1542 works very well.
I use SA30 to listen to music, games and movies from computer (analog+Dirac), and sometimes I use spotify connect [when PC is off :wink: ]
I wonder if new (still to be announced) Spotify superpremium subscription will need firmware update for hifi quality playback.

I understand from other forums that a firmware update is required so that could make things interesting