Net Reset for Update

Hi, is anyone else having trouble with the latest update? Whenever it finishes updating, I go to “Net Reset”, hit the arrow and the “Continue?” screen comes up. When I hit the return arrow, nothing happens, but the whole unit just freezes and I eventually have to turn the power off, after which it says “Update fail” when I turn it back on again. I’ve done this several times now. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, P

Hi Peter, welcome to the forum! Did you use the usb method for upgrading? If not then please use the usb method else try another upgrade method. Refer to the topic below.

Thanks very much. I successfully performed a USB upgrade using the download on the Arcam website, but my unit keeps trying to do another Net Update with the same result - it freezes on the Net Reset. Not sure what to do…

In order to confirm your latest firmware update was successful and verify your SA30 is on the latest firmware version please perform the following actions on the SA30 front console:

press Menu -> select System info -> version

The version should read 1.41 aka build 867. If you’re on this version then you do not have to update any more and your latest performed firmware update was successfull.

My latest email from Arcam suggests that all of my problems with the remote control :

The unit will not start up quickly from standby – even with net standby set to on. It goes through the full, long process.
The unit is responding to every remote that we use – operating a TV or PVR in any way wakes up the SA30.

were fixed in the latest update. They also said that they had just tried various IR remotes but couldn’t wake the unit, and the start up was near instantaneous.
They were querying whether I had carried out the resets after the update - which I had. I did the resets again but without success.
They also queried my method of update, which was over the internet. I have therefore tried the USB route, but the display simply shows ‘net updating’ for as long as I Ieave it. No ‘Update complete’.
I’ve tried with two USB sticks. In the first try I removed the internet cable (simply because it was in the way of inserting the stick). The unit eventually turned off - I assume triggered by the timeout set to 20 minutes.
For the second attempt I set timeout to ‘off’ and kept the ethernet cable in. The display just shows the same ‘net updating’.
Any suggestions on this one?

This is exacly the same I exprienced. It didn’t update untill auto shutdown timer kicks in. After I replaced the usb stick the update was successtul. I assume it was due to a faulty usb stick

My SA 30 updated via the net to 805. I reset the NET and System. I experienced problems with distortion etc… I decided to do the USB update since Arcam says this is the preferred method. So I followed the instructions exactly and did the USB update. I found the process buggy. I had difficulty starting the USB update process. I finally got it working and it just says Updating … for way longer than the 10 mins the directions indicated. I just let it sit. Later in the day I noticed it had restarted. I reset NET and System. The version says 867. I found the whole process stressful as I was afraid of the SA 30 becoming an unusable brick… a nice looking brick, but a door stop none the less. But all seems ok, just no change in its behavior. As I become adjusted to the distortion I am starting to hear distortion in my wife’s voice and the dog bark. My world is becoming more distorted. You must accept life’s distortions…


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Thanks for reply.

I don’t think that it is updating properly since the remote control symptoms are still evident. The System Settings show the correct versions however.

Did you try to refesh the batteries?

As the latest version is 867, is it possible that it hasn’t fully updated? This has been my fear, although mine shows 867.

sorry, I meant version 867…

As an aside I have found you can’t update the amp with the same version of the firmware as I was going to try it to see if it ironed out an issue I’m having with DIRAC.

Is that why when I tried the USB update with the same latest firmware it hung forever?

So you could go back a version, and then update back to the latest?

Yes that is correct.

That’s interesting. I’m pretty sure i have “upgraded” 867 with 867 :slight_smile:
It didn’t work using USB, but it did work by updating via net, using web interface.
Didn’t change anything though…

I should have said, I couldn’t do it via USB or loading the file into the web GUI. I didn’t try it over the internet.

USB also didn’t work for me, but I’m pretty sure I was able to load the file using web UI.
It wouldn’t work over the internet, as then device checks if there is a newer version on the server.
Did that after failed USB upgrade attempt, when I was already on 867. Wanted to check, if by any chance it might be similar to AVR’S, where sometimes users reported, that upgrading for a second time resolved some of the issues.

I can also confirm that the manual update over the internet works for the same version.