Weird user guidance during OTA firmware upgrade


  • SA30 firmware build 867 v1.41 is installed, OTA upgrade to 1027 v1.62 is about to commence.
  • SA30 is switched off

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on SA30
  2. SA30 displays text ‘net updating’ (or similar) = ok
  3. SA30 displays text ‘Press menu for options’
  4. select menu button on SA30 front console
  5. go to system → information
  6. browse system information, SA30 displays the following information:
  • Net:0
  • ip:
  • name: < empty >
  • serial number: < empty >
  1. after some seconds SA30 displays the text ‘Update complete’ for quite some time (about 2 minutes)
  2. front led becomes red and flashes
  3. SA30 reboots
  4. go to system → information
  5. browse system information, SA30 displays the following information:
  • Net: 1027
  • ip: < ip address is correctly displayed >
  • name: < name is correctly displayed >

Actual result
At step 3 I’m confused: has the update completed successfully?
At step 7 I thought the upgrade process has stuck and I was considering a power cycle.

Expected result

  1. Instead of steps 3 until and including 7 a progress bar should be displayed informing the user about the upgrade progress.
  2. No user interaction should be required during a firmware upgrade.

Additional information
Settings are not defaulted to their factory settings automatically, I do not know if this is mandatory after this upgrade. The update performed automatically therefore I assume if it is mandatory it would have been defaulted automatically.

I’ve just called one of the engineers about this, and he said this isn’t expected behaviour.

What has happened here, is as you’ve switched the unit on, it goes through a few boot processes. Theres a timer running where if all the stages havent reported back, you get the “Press MENU for Options” as a boot recovery.

Long story short, this is likely only going to affect OTA update, and it’s something we can fix. He mentioned that if you hadn’t gone into the menu, you would have gotten a progress bar during the Net Updating.

I’ve added it to our internal tracker, and it’ll get sorted next update. Thanks!

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I just experienced the same weird behavior, only without the spontaneous reboot. I did a Net reset and later a System reset. Everthing seems normal now.
What worries me is that I had OTA Upgrade Disabled but it did the update anyway. This should not be possible!

My SA30 seems to be defective since yesterday.

After powering on, it took > 30 seconds to boot up and then I got a prompt in the display „Press MENU for Options“. Except a basic menu nothing works.

What irritates me, the device no longer knows its serial number: „Serial Number Not Available” also MAC address is 000000…
Is the Firmware broken?

I have done nothing unusual, that could have caused it. I know, every IT user says that. :wink: Firmware is/was V867.

At first I performed a system reset in the menu. Same problem occurs.

Then I tried to install the latest firmware via USB through the menu. Since “Net Updating” did not disappear for over 30 minutes (!) on the display, I have now turned off the SA30.

I read in this forum that you can re-flash the firmware by pressing the Service button on the back while powering on with inserted USB stick. I have not tried it yet, cause I don’t want to make things worth - if this is at all possible.

Do I have to copy the latest swu file on the stick? It’s already on it. USB stick is formatted in FAT32.

I just emailed the Arcam support. But due to the holidays I will not hear anything back till next week.

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi Dirk, welcome to the forum! I experienced the same behaviour, refer to topic Weird user guidance during OTA firmware upgrade. The difference is I waited (long enough) in order to resume the upgrade. I was about to power cycle the SA30.

It is difficult for me to give you a good advice since it is the first time for me the SA30 upgraded through OTA. Normally I use USB to upgrade.

If I were you I would wait until you get some instructions what to do, e.g. from @arcam_paul.

Thanks. Symptoms are the same. And at least I know what “Press menu for options” means.

But I did not perform an update when this happend. Maybe there is something else. OTA Update will not start automatically (I hope). At least it never did before.

OTA update will start automatically after the SA30 is switched on and a newer firmware is available. Some users reported OTA will commence even if it is disabled in the settings menu. There is a workaround to block these updates.

Ok. Than I probably must have interrupted to OTA Update yesterday and now I’m stuck in the recovery mode “Press menu for options”. :cry:

I’m afraid you’re right. Sorry I cannot give you any solid advice, I do not want to point you in the wrong direction. I think you have to wait for a response from Aram.

I had the same experience yesterday. After pressing menu on the sa30 I was able to do a NET reset in the system settings menu. Shortly after that it showed Update completed.
Then I did a system reset which took about 10 mins to complete.
As for now everything seems to work, except from the fact that it sometimes stops playing and switches to CD input. That’s a new one since v1027. The good news is that HiRes files play without distortion now, finally!

I moved the conversation from SA30 not booting / firmware not properly loading into this topic since it looks the same issue.

Update kicked off automatically when I turned the amp on today, then went to a screen that said press menu for options. Still on old 1.42 and net v0. No IP and cannot select any input. Tried updating using USB and now it is just sitting on the Net Updating screen. Has been like this for over 2 hours. Any suggestions?

It actually was waiting when I woke up this morning. The update took more than 3 hours to get off the Net Updating screen… Weird. Haven’t checked the version that took yet and I’m scared to leave OTA updating on now. Should I be scared?

I asked Arcam about this a while back.

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Today my SA30 updated automatically too. I experience similar behaviour, I elaborated on it in the following topic.

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Hello ijanric,
If the Net is reporting as v0. it may be that the Net module is stuck in recovery mode. Firstly try resetting the System and Net from the SA30’s menu. Although no IP is shown in the menu can you find it on your network? Try connecting it via Ethernet if not already, then see if it shows in your router or use a network sniffer to find the IP.
If you can find it on your network use the IP in a web browser and try loading the Web GUI. If you get to this point what are you presented with?

  1. If you see the normal web GUI try resetting the Net module via going to “Device Settings” tab then “Factory Reset”.

  2. If you are presented with a page titled “Software Update” you can try selecting the latest image.swu file (downloadable from [Arcam - SA30 - Class G Intelligent Integrated Amplifier] ).

If this fails, or you can not see the SA30 on your network, please contact your dealer to report the issue and it can then be booked in with one of our service centres dependant on your location.


This is exactly what happened @jvs1
I left it and it sorted itself out. Now listening to lovely music again and life is good! Glad I found this forum though for other SA30 users/lovers! :+1:


Thanks, @ARCAM_CS-Tom
It seems this update just hangs for a while and displays Net version 0 and no IP address. After leaving it updating over night, my son came to wake me up this morning telling it worked. Thanks for the really detailed instructions! Very cool community I’ve discovered here it seems! :raised_hands:

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I turned OTA updates off months ago and it’s done 2 or 3 since. So looks like disabling that feature actually does nothing. I’ve had Net updating stuck before so I usually turn it off and on again. This latest update appears to have gone okay so far. Using only in PM mode since update.

Hi Dirk,

I found an instruction from Arcam how to resolve / asses it in another topic, I moved all related topics into this thread. Please refer to Weird user guidance during OTA firmware upgrade - #16 by ARCAM_CS-Tom