SA30 build 1027, version 1.62

Ok so I just got 1.62 as an auto update, according to my iOS Arcam app anyway…

I don’t think I’m in the beta program but so far all ok, it went in to slo-motion boot up for a while but it rebooted and came back.

Build is 0.100.1027.0x831c98a

I’m running MQAs from a playlist (Blue Note Reimagined) 2 tracks in…

@Nic v1027 is now officially public.

It looks like v1027 makes the sa30 officially Roon ready. :partying_face:

Ok, so that was a big tease from Paul :slight_smile:
Actually it said “Roon ready” in the release notes for v1027 RC We’ve been testing, so could guess what it was :wink:
Just wondering why it still shows as uncertified for me. I’m on 1027 RC…

FYI build 1027 RC and the build 1027 released on Arcam website are binary the same. I moved the 1027 conversation into a new topic.

Indeed I read that as well in the release notes but kept it for me :wink:

Guys what happened suddenly ???
My wife told me today that at the afternoon she powered on the Amp and it starts updating :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Yeah, I read it, but it didn’t work.
And actually now, even though versions are binary the same, I had to re-flash to finally show it as Roon certified.
So if any of the testers still has “uncertified” re-flash might be needed. Why? Have no idea.
Also something has changed in the update process. I’ve “updated” from 1027 to 1027 and there was no “NET Updating” displayed. Whole process was very quick. Either it didn’t really update cause of the same version (on previous versions it didn’t matter), or process is now different and much quicker.

Can someone explain what is that meaning ?

ARC: Implemented option “TV Audio” to allow SA30 to ignore ARC requests from TV. ARC is selected with “PC-USB” button
on the remote

If your amp is on and set p.e. to cd input, turning on the tv will not set the input of the sa30 to arc automatic anymore. But you can still use the remote to select the tv audio by pressing pc-usb.

Anyway, still had a few dropouts with the arc input, but just 2 or so in 1 hour.

well it doesnt seems to work .when i am on ARC and change to CD and then back to ARC i get NOT VALID.

Yes me too. But the case I described does work ok.

Switching to arc is not changed it seems, with my Sony tv it still takes a couple of tries before it recognizes the input. Indeed ‘not valid’ or ‘no input’ are some of the messages appearing.

Me too with sony. And also it keeps change to ARC when i open the TV .

Considering all the discussion here the fix list doesn’t look that long on this release, or as not as long as I expected. Has anything changed since 867 with the hi res distortion that most had with MQA? Anything changed with the sound profile?

Just restart your core.

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Haven’t tried that, however after re-flash it showed as certified without restarting the core, so I’m not sure this would work. Maybe another tester can check?

That’s what I did. I didn’t flash the same version again, I just restarted Roon Core. Before the restart there was Uncertified status, which disappeared when it was restarted.

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Thanks for info. Good to know for others.