Arcam wake up :)

Hello to all forum users.
As a new user of SA30, I have a question for people who participate in beta testing. Is Arcam going to release new software anytime soon? Do they work on issues reported on the forum and through the helpdesk at all? It’s been almost a year since the release of the previous version. Is the Arcam Control and Music live application under development at all? I hope people from Arcam will read this thread and tell as what’s going on and what their plan is.
The SA30 is a really great amplifier, with brilliant sound, and it would be a real shame to waste the potential of this equipment.
Regards Zibi

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Sad news Zibi.
Arcam is no longer active on this forum, nor they are reading and reacting. What’s more - there are no beta tests anymore after 1542 firmware. After releasing it, i guess they just felt they did a good job and it’s time to move on. In other words “good”, old Arcam is back - no user support, no response, nothing.
I’m now considering selling my unit and going with something else. I would like to use Amazon Music, and it seems there is no way to stream it in HiRes to SA30. MusicLife and built in player do not support this service in HiRes, and Amazon Music Android app does not support casting in HiRes. So no solution to this.
Of course if only Arcam wanted, they could do it - Airable is already offering Amazon Music HiRes support. But guess what? Seems Arcam doesn’t care.
To be honest i’m a bit fed up with them.
As much as i think SA30 is fantastic piece of HARDWARE and great idea, i also know i will not buy Arcam anymore for the lack of support and responses.
They should look at i.e. Lyngdorf for example. But they will not…

I understand. A friend of mine just bought a new AV40. He also owns a SA 30. He could not get the AV40 on his network no matter how hard he tried. No trouble at all with the SA 30. He ended up sending the AV40 back for a full refund. My guess is Arcam has their hands full getting the new Audio Video gear sorted out and have quit on the SA 30 for now… or maybe for good. I actually think the only reason they finally got serious in sorting out the Sa 30 was 1. the bad press from early reviews 2. The release of the then new JBL SA750 which is pretty much identical to the SA 30 and JBL wanted the firmware sorted out before it was released to reviewers. Just a hunch. Anyway, my SA30 is working and sounding great with Roon so I am set. But I understand your desire to use Amazon Music HD. Let us know if you make a change. Although more expensive, I have read good reviews on the NAD M33. But it probably has its bugs too. It is listed to support Amazon Music HD.


Hi all, i have had the M33 at home and returned it.
The Arcam sounded better for me. :man_shrugging:

I think it’s pretty much the case. Harman was pushing them before SA750 release.
Now both devices seem kind of abandoned by them, which is really sad.

The thing is, that Arcam works great with Roon. BUT i think Roon isn’t worth the price, and it works only with Tidal and Qobuz. Tidal sounds worse than Amazon Music to my ears, and Qobuz… is not available in Poland, and many other countries in a matter of fact.
So even if i wanted to stay with Roon, i would have to settle with worse sound quality, which i think makes little sense.

I will definitely not go with M33. Considering C399, but at the moment cannot demo it with Dirac, as… MDC2 cards are not available in Poland. For unknown (and probably very stupid) reason distributor is not ordering them…
But i would be considering C399, M10 (although i’ve read some comments about it’s PSU failures, which doesn’t fill me with confidence) and Lyngdorf TDAI-1120. Let’s see.
Finally i may as well end up with leaving SA30, but buying WiiM Pro as a streamer for it. Kind of denies the point of all-in-one and makes usage a bit less comfy, but if it works?

It depends on speakers and individual taste :slight_smile:

Did you mean “keeping” the SA 30 but adding a WiiM Pro to stream Amazon HD? If so, would you use the digital outs on the WiiM Pro to the Arcam SA 30? If so, will the WiiM Pro output 24/192 over its digital out? Or 24/96 etc. Its a good idea if this is what you are thinking of trying to be able to stream Amazon HD if it all works. :smiley:


Yes, keeping SA30 and adding WiiM Pro as a source. That’s what happens when i’m tired and sometimes translate things literally from Polish :slight_smile:
WiiM Pro has coax out, capable of 24/192, so all good :slight_smile:
One of the reasons i’m thinking of WiiM Pro over Mini. Mini has only toslink, which is able to output 24/192, however SA30 can only accept 24/96 on optical inputs.
A while ago a bought Mini for my uncle. There was some either very big mistake, or very good deal on Amazon in Poland. One could get mini for ~25$. I was not quick enough, but still got it for ~40$, and now regular price is 100$. Only reason it got it for him :slight_smile:
However was playing a bit, and it was very nice device, with really good app. And best thing is, that they are constantly developing it, and unlike Arcam, they are listening to users. Also support as such is very good and responsive.
So it might be really good choice.
I would say app in now more or less on par with BluOS, and device is still much cheaper than Node, and actually has more features. Granted i would be using it as digital source, i don’t see any reason for Node to sound any better, so why spend more? :slight_smile:

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That’s huge. Thats how you build loyalty.

I had no idea they had developed such a good app. Will the WiiM show up as a Roon endpoint like a Google Chromecast Audio puck? As you know Google foolishly stopped making the CA’s a few years ago. I use several of them around the house and the WiiM might be a good alternative when my CA’s start to fail.

Oh I think a very pretty sculpted aluminum case with a very nice power cord would certainly pass better bits… :laughing:

Correct. They are actually new brand of Linkplay as far as i know.
Anyway so far they are doing very good job.

Yes, they are now under certification process, and soon it will be a Roon endpoint. I think both - Mini and Pro.

Don’t forget some fancy feet :slight_smile:
WiiM is already bit-perfect, but after adding things you said, it might be even more perfect :rofl:

This is the exact setup I have and overall it’s very good. My one complaint would be as they do the updates they don’t seem to test them properly and one fix normally creates another unrelated problem.
I have bought this up in the WiiM forum and their support team have said they’re aware it’s an issue and are looking to test udates more thoroughly going forward, if they can resolve this, it’s a blinding bit of kit for a great price.

Actually looking at price and features, i could even live with this annoyance.
I don’t think there’s any other device on the market, that supports i think EVERY standard. Chromecast, AirPlay, UPnP, Amazon Music Cast, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect + many services in a very good app. It’s really great.
Just read the roadmap, and they are working on… streaming from WiiM to UPnP players. So that means you could even use it without connecting it to SA30 physically. It’s really impressive set of features.
Only thing i will have to work in, is integrating controls of WiiM and SA30 power and volume. Partially can be done using home automation (Home Assistant in my case) for power, but don’t know yet about the volume control.

Hi Felix,

I am curious if you found a solution how to sync the volume between the steamer and sa30.

The sound quality is amazing but streaming is pain. Therefore I connected a streamer. But I did not succeed in syncing the volume.


No, i haven’t. WiiM integration for Home Assistant was not good, and it had quite a bit of delay, so i gave up.
Haven’t really tried recently if it’s better or not.

Thanks for the reply! What did you do instead? Get used to the buggy Arcam or bought a different amp?

For now staying with Arcam. It’s buggy, but the way i use it (Chromecast mostly now) it’s not bad.
Will think of replacing it one day with something else, but need to think what and get some founding (bought a house recenlty, so it might not be that easy :sweat_smile:).
Seems D-class plays very well with rock and metal (at least in my car it made a huge difference), so i’ll be looking at either Lyngdorf or something else with good room correction. For now actually there’s only NAD and miniDSP available with that feature set.