Volume jump while using Dirac Live, ref#115

Has anyone attempted a DIRAC configuration using the new firmware. It almost blew my speakers. When going through the wizard the master volume control cannot be turned down I went back to the ‘select a microphone’ page then returned to the volume setting page. I could now turn the master volume down within the software but it didn’t actually turn it down. When I clicked on the left speaker it was full blast and almost blew the speaker. I used DIRAC in V705 and had no problems at all. I’m scared to use it now.

I’ve used dirac a week ago or so without volume issues.

Can you tell me what version of the software you are using please.

That happened to me several months ago when I still had the amp. Scared the living daylights out of me and I’m sure it actually did damage the speaker, although not fatally. I found Dirac to be cumbersome, and not user friendly.
Fast forward a few months and ditched the SA30, bought Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 amp which uses their in house Room Perfect software. An absolute breeze to use compared to Dirac.
Also replaced my speakers because they were never the same after that Dirac horror show.

On the latest firmware and using the latest DIRAC (3.0.13) I went to the volume calibration page and it was set as in my image

. I could turn the individual speaker volumes down but not the master volume. I then clicked back to the ‘select your microphone’ page and then back to the volume adjustment page. I could now turn the master volume down within the software but clearly it didn’t turn it down on the amp.

Thanks for sharing this information. I cannot confirm this issue because I do not use Dirac Live software, however I found this issue serious enough to submit a ticket. Volume jumps should never happen.

I’m literally scared to have another go. I’m annoyed as well because I’ve just bought a UMIK-1 microphone. I had an idea that i would disconnect my speakers and plug a cheap pair of in ear headphones into the headphone socket and mess around with the software until I might get it working but it seems DIRAC only outputs to the speaker sockets. I would be happy to have another go if I knew whether or not the Max Volume setting on the amp worked with DIRAC because I would just adjust that to be lower and have that safety curtain.

I known exactly what you’re talking about, I experience a volume jump myself a while ago (this issue is fixed now).

In order to avoid any risk on speaker damage maybe it is best to wait until Arcam responds how to proceed. I’ll keep you posted.

I have carried out some testing and proved it is related to the latest firmware. This is what I did to test.

  1. I disconnected my HI FI speakers to avoid any risk and connected an old speaker I used to use on my PC to the left channel.
  2. I set the ‘MAX VOLUME’ within the SA30 Audio settings to 20 as I still would rather not risk anything.
  3. I tried running DIRAC and as before the master volume sticks.
  4. I clicked back to the ‘select your microphone input’ page and then returned to the volume setting page. The master volume now moves up and down but the outputted volume does not. I also observed that the only input it would work on was the PVR input. If any other input was selected I heard nothing.
  5. I did a SYSTEM RESET and a NET RESET. No difference.
  6. I rolled the firmware back to V705 and all works as it should.
  7. I upgraded back to V867, did a SYSTEM RESET and a NET RESET and the problem returns.

Hi paulguk, thanks for the detailed steps. You found a lot of relevant information I think. It is a good start you were able to trigger the behaviour with the 867 build. It is also important, as you outlined, that the issue does not happen with the 705 build with the same steps.

Arcam reported they were not able to reproduce it, I don’t know if they were using your latest findings of post #9. I was advised you should contact support directly. I’ll notify them to check your latest info. Please contact support directly.

I have copied and pasted my steps into an email addressed to Arcam.support@harman.com

Has anyone successfully configured DIRAC from beginning to end with the latest firmware. I don’t mean reloading filters that have been created on an earlier firmware?

If they have can they say whether or not they had any issues particularly relating to adjusting the master volume.


I did and Haven’t had any issues with adjusting volume.
Are you using Windows or Mac?
I did my calibration with windows.

I use Windows but it’s nothing to do with that side. It’s related to the SA30. If I roll back to V705 it works. Yesterday I proved it. I detailed it further up this thread. If you say it worked for you that suggests something unique to mine then.

I asked if it’s Windows, as it actually can be related. Please remember, that DSP part of firmware is created in strict cooperation between Arcam and Dirac, so that it also works with their software. If you look at DL application changelog, you will see quite many issues like that fixed in the past.
I would re-run the calibration to double check, but have to do that when kids aren’t home, so next weeks earliest.

Well it works with no problems whatsoever with V705. The only other thing that had crossed my mind is that the software isn’t talking to the amp correctly. Maybe something within the network adaptor has been changed with the upgrade. I have a wired connection rather than wi fi.I’ll try various different tests now I know that if I turn the MAX VOLUME setting low within the settings I won’t almost blow my speakers up.

I tried uninstalling the software and reinstalling as well. I will try on another PC tomorrow.

Ok, this might explain why I Haven’t experienced this. I’m always using Max Volume setting due to kids. In fact it’s the first thing I set.

I have tried DIRAC again and for me the master volume will not turn down within the software and if I play the pink noise I will only hear it if the input on the amp is set to PVR.

If I roll the firmware back to V705 all will work as it should do.

This would suggest another bug in the firmware but some others on this forum claim it works for them.

Anyone wanting to test this then ensure the latest firmware is installed. Turn MAX VOLUME on the amp settings to something low (I set to 20) then open DIRAC (don’t bother using a dedicated mic for this test as long as a mic is detected). Click into the volume setting page of Dirac.

  1. Can you turn the master volume down.
  2. Whether you can or can’t, test if pink noise plays through all outputs.

I am still having this issue with the latest firmware V1027 but by chance I have discovered that it will work briefly after doing a NET reset. If I go into DIRAC more than about a minute after doing the reset the master volume is stuck again at maximum volume.

I somehow missed this answer before.
Do you by any chance use processor mode? And is it by any chance set on PVR input? Maybe that is blocking the possibility to change the volume from software? Of course if that’s the case, than it’s a bug.
But personally i never had such issue, but also i’m not using processor mode, nor do i disable any inputs from the menu.