Dirac Live Feedback?

I now have had had several months to perfect my curves/filter settings utilizing the Dirac Live software. It varies depending on whether i am streaming, CD, USB, inputs, etc…I have noticed i receive a much fuller sound at times WITHOUT ANY curve. It’s almost as the Dirac curves compress the music. I’m looking for feedback on your experience with Dirac. Has it improved your overall listening experience? Are you still adjusting? Which filter slot do you prefer? Thank you for your feedback.

Not my experience. I hear deeper, wider sound stage, tighter bass and much clearer midrange. If you are using the supplied mic, I do not think it is up to the task for nice high resolution speakers. The miniDSP UMIK-1 USB Measurement Calibrated Microphone is not expensive and with a decent mic stand and careful measurements in a quiet environment will probably get you the results you paid for. Then start playing with the curve to find the filter you like. I use 3 curves based on the music I am listening to. I have the bass swept up a bit from 60hz down to 20hz for rock and blues. The software written curve of flat to 20k hz for classical, and I have one that is flat to 2k hz for everything else. But I use the bass bump filter the most. I think there are youtube videos on using Dirac.Good luck.


Are you using the proper calibration files for your mic?

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Thank you Ken! Great reply. I appreciate immensely. How much 'adjustment" from the Dirac Target ‘flat’ curve are you making, per frequency? I may be adjusting too much, from what i am hearing from Dirac support team. Some make no adjustments and simply use the 'pre-set correction curves. I have several ‘bass’ curves, around 10dB i will try, with my rock, making no adjustments. I am primarily missing a proper bass sound. So that leads me to believe i am adjusting too much!

Yes. i am using the proper cal text file and mic. I may be adjusting the pre-set target curve too much, to correspond with my speakers frequencies,

Also, I need to upgrade speakers. I am using currently B&W 706 S2’s (monitors). I also recently added an ARCAM PA240 amp for an extra 240 watts per channel. So i def need to look at some proper tower speakers, high def.

+1 - this is CRITICAL and you need to download and install them carefully. It is also worth looking for the Harmon default / +4db / +8db dirac curves for the SA30 which are easy to google.