Share Diraclive curve

could you share your DiracLive curve without room correction ?

My curve seems very strange with a high treble mount.

My setup : the SA-30, Focal Aria 926, supra wires


It not strange, it’s perfectly normal for Focal’s.
Here’s the measurements of Aria 926 from Polish magazine “Audio”. They make very good job with measurements of the speakers:

As you can see, apart from the lower end, it more or less covers with your measurement.
You have some room mods there, where DL probably helps a bit.

Sorry for going off-topic, but what good does it do to share curves? your room and your speakers differ from mine.

I think the original poster was concerned there might be something off with either his microphone technique or the Dirac software as the very boosted top end is somewhat unexpected. It looks like it is a speaker manufacture choice to boost this region to help with off axis performance. On the other hand my speakers, Sonus Faber Extrema, show a drop off in this area. I have adjusted the filters to not try to fully correct this area so as not to over drive the tweeters or change the nature of the dynaudio esotar 330d tweeters first order crossover too much.

@Ken : you are right, I was thinking that my measurements was not very accurate. The lower end is very mounting very hard. Thx

I knew that girl in college…… :laughing:

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I think that’s not it. Focal, similar to B&W, tune their speakers to boost low and high end. So called “V”. This is supposed to make a “wow” effect during short listening, as well as helps to create very good sound stage. But it might be annoying during longer listening.
Some manufacturers use this as a way to make this “wow” effect during short listening in the shop, which in effect in many cases leads less experienced customers to get this particular product.
But others have kind of “philosophy” behind that. I know person, that is making high end equipment (his set was bought by owner of Kingston, you know, the computer memory manufacturer). Hi used similar tuning on purpose, as his philosophy was: i want to sit in my chair, play two songs to “energize” myself, and get to other tasks. In this kind of listening this tuning might actually be good. I personally like Focal’s and B&W’s, BUT not for longer listening, that’s why i chose something else.

sorry about my English :slight_smile:

Hey I was just having some fun. I speak no other language so you are ahead of me! I understood what you meant. :wink:

It was pretty fun, no worries

Can we just check that you did, before you did the readings, install the correct microphone calibration curve, because that is what you get if you don’t. Like me. The first time. By the 3rd time I had the methods and steps learned properly!

This is something I do not understand. How/Where could you find the correct microphone calibration curve ? And how to install it.

Well, that answers the question!
Read this

The file is here:

Many thx about the info, I will do a new measurement soon with the mic calibration curve.
I must do that in the night to be sure there is no sound from the street.

did that work ok?
I found a HUGE difference in measuring with curtains open and curtains closed at night!

I’m sorry, I have not do the measurement again (too much work). Il will do it in 2 weeks.
I don’t have any curtains in my saloon. I just need to push an armchair a little to have clear straight line between my couch and speakers.
Be sure, I will make a feedback when I do the new measurement.

I had done the same thing initially, that is measured with a non-calibrated mic. While DL still kind of worked, I was forced to tweak the curves all the time because something always bothered me. When I uploaded the calibration file and retook the measurements (it took me about half an hour, but YMVV)… BOOM! My jaw dropped with the difference that made: it wasn’t just about the bass anymore. The midrange, the soundstage - everything was tighter and clearer and more spacious and better organized.

Make some time and retake the measurements. You won’t believe how good it sounds.

Ok I have done a speed re-measurement with the mic calibrated curve. The sound is absolutely change.
Thanks for the tips about the mic calibration curve. It make the difference. I think I will re-do it very carrefully to be sure that I will get the best curve and correction. Many thx

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