Dirac Live EQ Curves

Listening to a lot of 80’s rock via the CD or BD or inputs (analog/digital). I created a curve using the Dirac software with my laptop and the received microphone with my SA30. I’m using the 2 channel curve, Mondrian Filter. It’s the curve transferred to Slot 3. Some music sounds very ‘tinny’ when using the curve, as opposed to without it. It’s almost like listening to an EQ with everything maxed out. What is your experience? Perhaps, i need to recalibrate and produce another dual channel curve? My Mondrian curve appears to be fairly uniform bell shaped, eclipsing the ‘0’, from -47.7 Hz traversing 10k, back down to 23.9 kHz. Please share your Dirac Live experiences. I would like to add that there is a difference when listening to music via a streaming service, MQA files, etc…

I did exactly the same some time ago. The sound was good but with dropouts, but now completely distorted from the point of the recent update. From what you say I can’t believe that what you describe is distortion.

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It should look a lot more like a table that gentle slopes down by about 8dBA to the HF end as at 07:50 in this video HOW TO: Dirac Live Room Calibration - YouTube

ALSO: PRO TIP the microphone that ships REQUIRES a specific calibration curve to be loaded into the laptop / macbook. If you don’t, it give a very tinny result! (I failed to read the instructions the first time!)

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Thanks David! I think i errored right from the outset, utilizing the calibration curve. I will try to recalibrate after i continue watching the Youtube video. I did get some feedback from Dirac regarding trying out some Bass Curves, See below - (I’ll get back to you).

I suggest that you try alternative target curves as our perception of bass depends on the listening volume:


I’m attaching the following ones with different bass boosts:





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Thank you Derek! I think you are correct. I am not getting distortion or dropouts. But I am getting the ‘tinny’ sound because my curve or calibration was not correct. I will recalibrate and try different bass settings.

Yes, far too much deviation in the Target Curve from 1kHz - 23.9kHz.