Dirac live curve issues

I’ve had a play with Dirac live, I noticed that something called curtains were in the middle of the curve and looks like it’s only calibrated part of the frequency. I’ve enclosed a screen shot could anyone shed some light on it.

I think that the “curtains” should only affect your target curve, not the measurements. The screenshot you’ve posted shows that the measured response is also very narrow. I don’t know what’s wrong, but try to follow a tutorial and do the process all over again.

As far as I understand the software, the curtains determine the span of frequencies where DIRAC will perform correction. I tend to set these to span, say 40-1k Hz as I like the treble response of my speakers and I don’t want to waste filtering where my speakers don’t respond. Within the curtains, you can define correction points and amount of correction and it’ll do the best it can to accommodate your design within the constraints of its digital filtering infrastructure.

Thank you both for the reply, I’ve had ordered the umik1 microphone so hopefully that should get them best from the Dirac .
Sat tonight listening to the amp through roon and it’s fantastic.

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