SA30 build 867, version 1.41

Yes, you’re right. I still have to say that I think my SA30 sounds better now with the new software, and when the SA30 works correctly, it’s a joy to the ear, so it’s a little love and hate at the same time as you say. Had the idea to sell it, but with the new software it feels like it’s close now to becoming something really good. We can only hope that they continue to troubleshoot and soon come out with a new software that solves some of the problems.

Maybe it’s a good idea for someone in this forum to gather all the problems we find and inform support about it. Maybe better that it comes from one person so they avoid multiple support requests.

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Thats a great idea! I just tested the PVR input with my vinyl via the PVR input. I was using Roon and I just pressed the PVR input with vinyl playing. Nothing. Dead quiet. Switched to Direct, music plays. Switched out of Direct and the Dirac filter kicked in that was set in Roon. So it’s repeatable. And if the distortion is solved this is a quick work around until they get the rest sorted. BTW, I’m listening to Booker T. and the MG’s “In the Christmas Spirit” on vinyl. A reissue by Sundazed but it’s a Stax recording. Just wonderful if you like some soul with your Christmas music! It’s on Tidal if you have that. One of of my favs.


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Indeed, lets collect the problems. I would suggest to create a separate issue for each encountered problem in the issue category, just fill in the template text. Do not forget to mention the steps you executed and state your expectation and of cause the actual result. If relevant then please attach screenshots or audio recordings. I will make sure these problem reports are passed onto the Arcam development team. In this way we are able to contribute to a better product.

I do not own a turntable and I do not have a Roon subscription. I think it would be best if @ken or @Pierre_Sahlin would start with creating issues and I’ll pass them on. What do you think about it?

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Sounds fine. I will give it a few more days to make sure I have the issues nailed down and repeatable.


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Fine, that’s no problem. Take your time, I prefer quality bug reports over a lot of reports :wink:

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Well I let it stream Roon most of the day… big time distortion has started and I rebooted and its still distorting. I guess I will shut it off for the night and hope its good tomorrow. Very disappointed . Dam


Does anyone know what this symbol means? Seems to be

new at this build.

Why increase the delay? Setting lip synch to 50ms delays the audio even further. I dont get it.

After listening on the new firmware for 2 days now. I am generally very impressed with the sound that I am getting. There seems to be a wider stereo imaging and the sound just sounds a whole lot better. I know they had some issues with the filters on previous firmware’s so it looks like they may have solved those.

Regarding MQA, I have a number of test files I have downloaded from this website. I then stream them from my NAS.

I did hear distortion at first but after selecting another input and then going back to NET it all seems to be ok. An observation that I have made though is this. The downloaded files are either 24/44.1 or 24/48 but the amp display and the Musiclife app or the WebClient report totally different sample rates.
An example being, as I type this I’m listening to a track that is 24/44.1 but the display states MQA 192.khz and MusicLife and the WebClient state it is 176.4khz?

The only other issue from my point of view is the ‘Cast to Device’ capability from a Windows PC still hasn’t been resolved. This is a minor issue to me but occasionally I might have a file I’ve downloaded or been given and I just want to quickly listen to it without having to put it on my NAS.

All is fine again. I let the amp just sit all night turned off. But it was distorting bad last night both on analog and via Roon. I engaged headroom management in Roon hoping maybe Roon was causing the clipping. I wonder if the dac is getting hot. I was not driving the amp hard when the distortion started. It had just been streaming continuously all day via Roon.


Check your firmware version. I saw that down arrow when mine had a firmware update ready to install. Or I think that’s what I saw before it started its update to 867.


Thanks. I think you’re right. Thought that it had jumped to 867 but it’s still saying 705.

Just reboot it, turn it off and on with the power button, wait and pray… I actually had to cycle mine twice or maybe it shut off and back on itself. I was holding my breath. I have guests for the holidays and was afraid it was bricking itself. But all was fine.


I did some further testing and the results are interesting:

Test Setup:

Windows 10 PC with ASUS ESSENCE STX II Audio Card (used for both analogue and digital coax testing)

Results are as followed:

  • With Test Sequenc 01 – Analog direct – delay 2-3 frames or 33-50 ms

  • With Test Sequenc 01 – Analog with DIRAC curve – delay 9-10 frames or 150-167 ms

  • With Test Sequenc 01 – digital without DIRAC – delay 5-6 frames or 83-100 ms

  • With Test Sequenc 01 – digital with DIRAC – delay 3-4 frames – 50-67 ms

  • With Test Sequenc 02 – digital with DIRAC and VLC – delay 210ms -250 ms

  • With Test Sequenc 02 – digital with DIRAC and Firefox – delay 190ms -210 ms

Interestingly DIRAC reduces the delay on the digital input by quite a bit.

Results confirm my previous experience with about a 50ms delay on digital with DIRAC.

In the next days I will get a TV with eARC so I can test this feature then.

Of course, those are not really scientific measurements or testing procedures and I might do some more testing.

Yes it took a few attempts and crossed fingers. Very messy but in the end it got there. Thanks again.

Also after the amp updated itself it switched itself off then on much like a laptop pc does after an update

I’m quite happy with the new build. :slightly_smiling_face:

During the last two days I didn’t encounter any major problem and like some other users mentioned, the amp sounds better than ever. One of the reasons I “downgraded” from the 705 build was the lean sound of that specific build. I must say that the 867 build sounds very similar if not a bit better than the 521 build which I used until now.

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Hi a_muz_ed , can you please? if you have a Tidal account, try to find a MQA playlist and let it play via mconnect or Music Life without forwarding or jumping betwen songs? i am wondering if you will hear distortion after a while. Thanks a lot. Jaro

I don’t have a tidal account so unfortunately I can’t check this out for you.

Using the network functions, I mostly stream AIFF files from my NAS or listen to internet radio. I also use the coax and optical inputs to listen to CDs and watch TV. So i have little experience with MQA or hirez files.

Although I’m quite happy with this build, while watching a movie yesterday evening I‘ve heard one or two small dropouts i think. Listening to cds I haven’t noticed this, so time will tell if this will occur more or not.

Hires distortion here, too (Tidal, flac via usb), for now i have my dac connected to the cd in and it works well, but its obv not the solution i was hoping for. had distortions about 20 mins after update. I’m sure you guys will find a way to fix it tho, i love the amp otherwise.