Radio stops playing, SA30 has to be rebooted, ref#16

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30, version 1.12 is used
  2. start Arcam Music Life iOS app, version 3.0.0, build 3001 is used
  3. set audio output to Arcam SA30, UPNP renderer
  4. start a radio stream (music starts playing=ok)

Actual result

  1. After some time the radio stops playing. Music Life app does not pop up any (error) message why the music has stopped playing.
  2. Restarting the radio through the app does not work; Any other music file cannot be played. I have to restart the SA30 in order to listen to the radio.

Expected result

  1. Music keeps on playing OR the Music Life app provides feedback why the music has stopped playing.
  2. In case the radio has stopped playing I should be able to restart it without restarting restarting the SA30.

Additional information

  • From the log file it seems that a network error occurred (connection terminated unexpectedly), refer to log-nSDK