SA30 internet radio not from chromecast

I’ve purchased a SA30 and it is just great sound!
Just love it.
But one thing is still a problem: playing internet radio. I can cast it from the radio app to the SA30 but when I leave my room mates have no radio anymore.
Can I play it ‘directly’ on the SA30

kind regards

Hi Goran, welcome to the forum!

If you use the Arcam MusicLife app to listen to (internet radio) music the SA30 pulls the music stream direcly from the source, your phone doesn’t relay the stream. If you cast music from your phone then your phone relays the stream, your phone must be in range of your WiFi connection.

Try the MusicLife app and see if it works.

thank you for the info.
But I can’t install the MusicLife app for android because it is out dated…

It is a little bit strange to read there is no updated android app available, I do not use android so I cannot confirm it. Maybe other forum members can confirm it? Since you bought a SA30 I would advise you to open a formal Arcam support ticket, describe the problem and ask them to update the android app.

I’m using MusicLife on my Android phone and play Internet radio and it works without any problem. App version 4.2.0 (1523).

I’ve made a ticket with Arcam and they were able to reproduce the problem and will fix it asap…
I’ve downloaded an apk and installed it. It seems to work fine

Use the web client instead of MusicLife app as alternative :slightly_smiling_face: