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Streaming from my iphone to my SA30 constantly cuts out after a few minutes. Trying to reconnect only yields the line ‘unable to connect to SA30…’ This applies to the MusicLife app and to airplay. The work around I have discovered is to connect my cd player or tuner and then try to connect streaming after a couple of minutes. It then works… until the next time. If I am lucky I can get an hour’s play. Does anyone else have this problem?

Hi Chris, welcome to the forum! I understand you have some problems streaming music from your iPhone to the SA30. I have the following questions:

  1. What version of MusicLife are you using?
  2. What build/version of the SA30 are you using?
  3. Are you streaming music from a local source, e.g. nas or are you using a streaming services, e.g. tidal or similar?
  4. Could you please describes the exact step you perform in MusicLife (I presume you are using MusicLife)? Please detail on the connection (upnp, or airplay) method.
  5. Please attach screenshots of the error message.

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I need to test this thoroughly, but streaming from an Ipad (Airplay) using Amazon Music has ‘stopped’ a few times.

Thanks for replying. Here are the answers!

  1. Music Life is 3.2.1 (3211)
  2. SA30 is V1.21
  3. I am using Tidal and I Tunes directly
  4. For MusicLife: open app and locate the SA30. Sometimes it is there and sometimes not. My sonos Play 3 media server and Sonos Connect pops up every time and I wonder if that is a problem. Also my Phillips TV. All in the source field. Audio output includes i phone but not always SA30. So if no SA30: reboot the machine and or reboot the iphone. That works sometimes. Otherwise play tuner or cd player (both Arcam) for ten to fifteen mins and then retry with MusicLife. After that I can access the SA30 for streaming. Lasts maybe an hour before the whole sequence has to be started over.
  5. Screenshots: obviously the SA30 knows of this investigation as today no problem so no screen shots of anything not happening. Will try again tomorrow to see if I can some for you.

Hope you can help. I am thinking of giving up on my Arcam and selling it if I cannot fix the problem as it is really very intrusive!


I get this quite often but suspect it’s nothing to do with the SA30 but rather the MusicLife app, because regardless of this the SA30 web client always seems to work fine.

But it also happens with Airplay, so I am not sure!

You’re using Airplay on an iPhone. This means your iPhone is connected to your local network through wifi. If you’re using Airplay then the music is streamed from your iPhone to the SA30. If the wifi connection isn’t stable enough or isn’t capable to transmit the data in a timely manner then you might experience some audio dropouts. This is also a reason I do not use Airplay and I try to avoid wifi in the transmission chain of music.

In order to rule out the contribution of the wifi connection to this problem you could try to:

  • use the MusicLife app and play music from your nas. MusicLife directs the SA30 to fetch the music from your nas. There is no retransmission from your iPhone to the SA30 over wifi involed;
  • assure the SA30 is wired;
  • the MusicLife app and the SA30 web client support Tidal too. Try using one of these alternatives instead of using the native Tidal app on your iPhone (because I think using the native Tidal app will result in retransmission of music data over wifi)

Please note my suggestions are only meant to isolate the problem. Once the problem is known (and fixed) you might continue to use your native Tidal app.

Thanks for the suggestion. In another part of the house I stream to an Arcam CDS27. Everything – Tidal, Airplay and MusicLife – works perfectly and I have never had any problems whatsoever. Wi fi connection appears good throughout the house. I don’t have a NAS - yet. Considering it now though!

I will follow up your suggestions, but wiring in the SA30 will be difficult in its current location. I am now thinking of swapping the systems around to see if that solves the problem.

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Solution: a new wi fi disc next to the SA30. The new disc has improved the SA30’s wifi connection and the problem of streaming drop out has ceased. I have had it on test for a whole day with no problems at all. I hope it lasts!

Nice to read it works with an early happy new year present :wink:

Exactly! Thanks for your help. My faith in Arcam has been rekindled!