Everything works except ARCAM control and MusicLife

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30 version 1.72, net ver v1542,
  2. start Arcam Music Life iOS app, latest from App Store (Build: 4202, DMR: None, iOS: 16.1.1) is used OR start ARCAM control, latest from App Store (Version: 2.10.2 (build: 21021)).

Actual result
ARCAM control displays “searching for ARCAM devices” and does not find the SA30.
MusicLife stuck on “Choose your audio device” screen.

Expected result
Both apps to find the SA30.

Additional information

  • SA30 connected to the network.
  • Airplay functional.
  • Web client able to stream to the SA30 using Qobuz.
  • phone and SA30 restarted more than once, each.
  • net reset and system reset completed.
  • was functional till recently.

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Are you using a vpn on your phone? Disable the vpn first and retry to connect. After a connection is established you can enable the vpn.

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Ok. Wow. That’s spot on! Turns out this VPN was auto connecting and I didn’t know it was. Solved. Many many thanks.