SA30: Cannot get Airplay to work

Just picked up a used SA30. I can’t get airplay to work in either wired or wireless mode. Trying to configure the SA30 as a new Airplay speaker give me the error message “an unexpected error occurred. Try Again.”

Even though the amp appears in the airplay drop down on apple music, when I try and connect to the device I get an orror message.

I have tried net and system reset, restarted my devices & router and still nothing.

Any ideas?

Which software version are you on?

1.72 & 1542

I think those are the right ones.

Ok, so you’re on last firmware. It should work.
This might be something on your network side, like blocked multicast etc.
I don’t know how comfortable you feel about resetting your router to factory defaults, but that might help.

Hey, full router reset hasn’t worked.

I have successfully connected the unit to google home. Airplay is still not functional.

Do you have anything else you can airplay to? Tv or sky box, portable speaker?

Ah yes good point.

I dug out an old bluetooth speaker that has Airplay and successfully connected that in minutes.

I tried to connect to the Arcam this time Apple Music gave me the error code 15007

Has your router had any updates?

Does it sync or otherwise split as separate networks the 2.4.ghz versus 5 ghz Wi-Fi?

Trying deactivating one of those on the router and trying the other.

Mine are synced, so honestly can’t tell you which it’s using but it works fine without error (iPad pro iOS 16.6)

Also thinking as process of elimination, does the web client to SA30 work from the browser of same Apple device? What about the Arcam remote app or MusicLife? Do they see the SA30?