Cannot play music through Apple AirPlay 1, ref#26

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30, version 1.12 is used
  2. start a video in YouTube app on iPad with iOS 9.3.5
  3. select the AirPlay icon (AirPlay dialog shows up with iPad and Arcam SA30=ok)
  4. select Arcam SA30 in the AirPlay dialog (AirPlay icon becomes blue=ok)

Actual result
SA30 plays no music, refer to attached video.

Expected result
The iOS 9.3.5 does not support AirPlay 2, however according to Apple it should support AirPlay, thus the SA30 should play the music.

Additional information
The scenario adheres the expected result on a iPad with OS version 12.4.5.