YouTube videos not playing over airplay 2

Hello everyone. I just got my new SA30 2 days ago. I’ve been enjoying it so far except for 1 issue. When I stream music from a YouTube video over airplay to the sa30, it starts playing fine, then a few seconds later it stops. It happens on my iPhone 13 mini and my iPad Pro. What is strange is that it will play my own music on my iPhone just fine, but once I try something off of YouTube , it stops after a few seconds.
I have the latest software on the sa30 and my iPhone. My sa30 is hard wired to my router, and I’m streaming in the same room as my Wi-Fi. Anyone experiencing this?
Just another note, when I play YouTube videos through my tv which is connected to the Arcam via eARC, it works fine.

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My sa30 does the same since ever, with all software versions. I have an iphone 11pro.

So my problem with YouTube videos not playing through the Arcam seems to have gone away. It plays just fine now. There was no software update that I was aware of.

Not working here. Latest update arcam and latest ios iphone 11pro256gb. Youtube airplay not working.