Radio mutes several times after network error occurred, ref#116

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30 build 867 v1.41 is used
  2. use web client to start radio stream

Actual result
After some time:
a) SA30 stops playing the radio stream
b) after about 5 seconds the SA30 resumes playing the radio stream
c) repeat the flow from step a) for 4 times
d) the radio stream resumes with a commercial.

Expected result
SA30 should play the radio stream uninterrupted.

Additional information

  • From the log file it seems that a network error occurred (connection terminated unexpectedly), refer to log-nSDK @ line 1997
  • Maybe related to issue Radio stops playing, SA30 has to be rebooted, ref#16 which shows similar log file entry: network error occurred (connection terminated unexpectedly). Difference is the SA30 doesn’t reboot.
  • In a normal playback of radio stream scenario this this particular radio stream always start with a commercial and then resumes the live radio broadcast. If the radio stream starts with a commercial then something is restarted?

I occasionally listen to BBC Radio 2 this way. Quite often when the news comes on the connection is lost and I have to reselect again. I had thought it odd I must admit.