After firmware upgrade SA30 goes into standby, ref#77


  • HDMI cable is connected between Arcam SA30 and TV;
  • TV brand is Samsung, model UE46F6500

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30 version 1.25.4 is used
  2. switch on TV (sound of TV will be played through SA30=ok)

Actual result
After 45 minutes (sometimes it takes longer):

  1. the SA30 console display gets black;
  2. the front led becomes red and the SA30 goes into standby;
  3. No TV sound is playing through SA30.

Expected result
TV sound should be playing through SA30.

Additional information

  • I started to experience this issue after upgrading to firmware build 623, version 1.25.4.
  • On an occasion after 2h the SA30 didn’t go into standby. So this issue does not reproduce very well, the time it takes to go into standby varies.
  • issue also happens during playback of a radio stream.

Arcam confirmed this is an issue. The workaround is to set the following setting to off:

System Settings > Timeout = off

If setting that to Off cured the issues, then it sounds to me like the signal sensing behaviour isn’t working properly. That could also explain why the behaviour happened with radio stream to. I’ll add it as a priority issue.

This seems to be fixed in SA30 build 634, version 1.27, I didn’t verify this fix yet.

Latest response related to this issue and previous mentioned build:

Of interest to you, however, this fixes the input sensing for the auto-standby feature (the bit was inverted, so it would think there was no signal when there definitely was), which I’ve confirmed myself.

Retested with following versions, result is passed.