After hibernate SA30 doesn't switch back to ARC, ref#44


  • HDMI cable is connected between Arcam SA30 and TV;
  • Configure SA30 to hibernate after 20 minutes (system, timeout = 20 minutes);
  • TV and Arcam SA30 are switched off.

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30 version 1.21 is used
  2. switch on TV
  3. watch some TV (TV is playing through SA30=ok)
  4. switch source input on TV to HDMI channel used by the SA30 (some gradient vertical bars will be visible=ok)
  5. wait 20 minutes (the SA30 will go into hibernate=ok)
  6. press red button on SA30 remote to enable the SA30 (SA30 will wake up=ok)
  7. switch source input on TV input

Actual result
SA30 does not play the music from the TV.

Expected result
SA30 should play the music from the TV.