ARC: no sound after stand-by, ref#113

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  • HDMI cable is connected between Arcam SA30 and TV;
  • TV brand is Samsung, model UE46F6500;
  • TV and Arcam SA30 are switched off.

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30 build 867 v1.41 is used
  2. switch on TV (SA30 plays TV sound = ok)
  3. press red off button on Arcam remote control (SA30 switches off = ok)
  4. press red off button on Arcam remote control again (SA30 switches on = ok)

Actual result
SA30 doesn’t play TV sound.

Expected result
SA30 should play TV sound.

Below the original topic start:

Hi all, recently purchased the SA30 and have updated to the latest firmware (I believe):
Net v867
ARC ver 1.6
I have a new HDMI high speed cable connected to the back of my Samsung TV correctly via the ARC HDMI input. My issue is:
When I hard reset the SA30 (switch it completely off using the front button) and then restart the sound from the TV is picked up perfectly. However if I turn the SA30 off then on using the remote or if I go to another input and back to ARC, ARC is not automatically detected so no sound, the front panel reads No Input. Again, if I do a hard reset it finds the ARC connection.
I definitely have the Audio Settings to TV Audio Auto
Is there something I am doing wrong here or do you think it might be the TV? My Samsung is approx 5 years old so shouldnt be too old plus it has ARC labelled on the HDMI input on the back.
Any ideas? Surely you dont have to do a hard reset every time you want to pick up the ARC connection from the TV??


Hi ben, I confirm the behaviour you described. I was about to create an issue and submit a ticket for it. I had it on my to-do list for a long time, I didn’t find time to do it. I’m glad you started it :wink:

There is a workaround for this issue, you have to use both the Arcam and Samsung TV remotes. I know this is a little cumbersome but the workaround works. As mentioned in an earlier post there is still some more icing on the ARCake required :slight_smile:

In order to play TV over the ARC input channel after switching the SA30 off with the remote control:

  1. assure TV is playing sound through its internal TV speaker.
  2. press usb/pc button on the Arcam remote control
  3. you have to select the external receiver on the TV. In my case (Samsung TV):
  • press the tool button on the Samsung tv remote control
  • select receiver option and set it to external

This workaround also works after listening to a radio stream (SA30 won’t pickup any sound from ARC input channel after listening to radio stream).

Hope this helps. Soon I will submit a ticket for it.

Excellent! Well in as much as I’m not the only one :slight_smile:
Thanks for the workaround which is great in the meantime. All a bit new to this page (which has been great by the way) but when you say you log a ticket is that directly with ARCAM and if so do others have access to view the ticket and any updates made?

You’re welcome. I create the tickets in a private issue tracker which is not accessible to the general public. If there is any progress then I’ll provide status updates in the corresponding topics in this forum, stay tuned :slight_smile:

FYI: I edited your starting topic to include the remote control behaviour in an issue format, ticket is submitted.

I have a similar issue using eARC with my brand new Sony 43XH8599 TV. As soon as the audio signal is lost, the Arcam switches to the PHONO input. The weird thing is that I have this input disabled. After switching the unit on/off with the power button it will play TV audio via eARC again.
Firmware 867 v1.41, Sony TV set to eARC, HDMI 2.0 cable

I have exactly the same behaviour with my Sony tv.
(Shared pain is half the pain :smiley: )

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Hello everyone,

I confirm it’s one of the problem I face as well (on top of ARC/CEC not waking up the TV, sound cuts over HDMI,…)

Hello everyone,

did someone submited a ticket to ARCAM? I just purchased SA30 and running into the same issue.

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Hi ram, welcome to the forum! I created a ticket for this issue, so Arcam is aware of it. It is not required to notify them, however you’re free to email Aram support and refer to this post. If more people report the same issue then the issue might receive more priority.

I will contact Arcam and let everyone know what they say

Hello Ram,

Please note that I started reporting this issue back in Augustus and despite of reminders once every two months, I notice no progress.
Usual answer is : « We are working on it but can’t provide any resolution timeframe. »

Hi All,

I know this is an older thread, but thought I’d respond with some info I just found. I have a Sony XBR49x900n and experience the same issues re: ARC and Phono. I have yet to confirm if it actually corrects the issue – or at least helps – but there is a setting in the Bravia HDMI settings that should be turned on. It’s Sony’s proprietary name for CEC. Instructions below. My receiver was not listed until I did this, so hoping it makes a difference. I’ll report back.

If you observe any of the issues mentioned above, perform the steps below to clear the HDMI Lockup from either your audio system or TV. Check if the issue is resolved after you try each step. If model-specific information is needed to perform a step, check your device manual.

  1. Disconnect all HDMI devices from your TV and the audio system.
  2. [Perform a power reset or restart of the TV](javascript:void(0))
  3. Connect the HDMI cable from HDMI output on your audio system to the HDMI input on your TV.
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the ARC ports on both devices. To verify the location of the ARC ports, check your manuals.
  1. Make sure the HDMI Control settings on the audio system is set to On .
  2. Make sure the Bravia sync settings of the TV is set to On . For further information, refer to the TV’s manual.
  3. Make sure the connected device is enabled on the Bravia sync list of the TV.
  4. Set the TV speaker settings to Audio System .
  5. To test whether the CEC function of the audio system works, check the following:
  • Switching to TV speakers appears on the TV screen when you power off the audio system.
  • Switching to Audio System appears on the TV screen when you power on the audio system.
  1. Confirm whether the audio is sent to the audio system when you launched any of the built-in internet apps on the TV.