SA30 HDMI ARC not working

I have just purchased a SA30. I cannot get the HDMI ARC input to work when connected to my Samsung The Frame 2022 HDMI ARC output. I have updated the SA30 to v1.72; net version 1206; ARC version 1.7; ARC Rx v1.0.0. When I attempt to connect and select ARC this message appears on the display “ARC input not supported” quickly followed by “No input”. I have tried three different HDMI cables all with the same result. In order to obtain an audio signal from the tv, I am using a HDMI to analogue box and then using an analogue input on the SA30. This works perfectly (with all the different HDMI cables), but uses an analogue phono input that I require for another device. Does anybody have any suggestions about how I can get the HDMI ARC input to work?

In my case it worked with the second cable I tried. It seems eARC connections in general are sensitive this way and they prefer newer cables.

If nothing works, I think the second best option is the optical connection.

Hello eyebee,

Thank you for your response and suggestions.

After five days of communication with Arcam’s parent, Harman, with no result, I saw some guides on HDMI/ARC problems on YouTube which went through the typical settings on TV audio outputs. I recommend this one

By changing some of these settings, notably selecting ‘pass-through’ rather than ‘PCM’ (as Harman had advised) solved the problem.


Nice to read the problem is solved.