Switching to ARC

Hi All,

I’m a new SA30 owner and new to these forums. I’m still learning how to use the SA30 and had a question related to ARC. If the SA30 is in say phono mode (or any other mode), how do I select ARC so I can watch a movie via the smart TV?

Also, I occassionally get a message that my HDMI cable is faulty, but I’ve changed to a new cable and still sometimes get that message.

I’ve tried to research this, but couldn’t find and answer.
FYI, I have a Sony XBR49X900F connected via HDMI through the ARC input. Thanks so much for any answers!

Hi Emile, welcome to the forum! If the SA30 is connected to the TV through Arc then SA30 will switch automatically to arc channel. You also can press the pc Usb button on the remote (lower right button)

Are you getting the message that the hdmi is faulty on the amp or the TV?

I’ve not heard of this before, I am using a long active optical hdmi cable from Kenable.co.uk without such problems (except lip sync from my LG is annoyingly not possible to perfect, but that is a TV issue not the amp!)

Unless you are using optical inputs for other things I’d try that instead if you can’t figure out the hdmi issue. OK you lose a little in convenience maybe but the sound will be just as good.

Remember to set your TV output to be stereo PCM audio out only.

Thanks for the responses! @madfiddler, I was getting HDMI cable error message on TV. I’ve since made some changes and will see if that fixes the issue. @jvs1, Good to know! I’ll try that next time. Thanks again!