SA30 switches between Phono and CD interrupting playback. When this occurs, it can be resolved by full power down and restart😡 very disruptive and unsatisfying


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Can you update your post with details of how to reproduce this, so we can pass it on to the team?

We need Host/Net version numbers, and a precise set of steps to reproduce this. If we don’t know how to reproduce this, it makes writing a fix very hard. Thanks!

Thanks Paul, the system is V1.26, net version 1027, arc version 1.6 and arc Rex is 1.0.0.
When playing the turntable, the SA30 unexpectedly switches from phono to CD (this also occurs vice versa) usually happens a few minutes after playback. It happens repeatedly after switching back manually to phono output.
Similarly, the earc randomly switches between as30 and Sony tv speakers. In both cases, this happens regularly, but not every time.
The complete power down and reboot resolves it most times, however an hour later, the same dropout sometimes reoccurs. Thanks

Hi @Eedog thanks for the update, I’ll pass that on to Engineering and get them to look at it. I’m not sure why it would switch between phono and CD, as far as I’m aware the only ‘sensing’ inout would be the eARC input. This doesn’t really sense input, but instead responds to the TV telling the SA30 to switch. But I’ll pass the info on nontheless and see if we can reproduce.

Just spoke with Engineering, one thing they suggest is running a test over a weekend with the HDMI cable unplugged.

From testing in the office, we noticed that Sony TVs seem overly “chatty” when using ARC. Theres a possibility that the TV is sending an ARC connection message, then immediately sending a disconnect and the SA30 should go back to the previous input (phono in your case), but maybe theres a bug and we switch to the default of CD.

It’s all speculation at the moment, but temporarily removing the HDMI cable is a really good first troubleshooting step.

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Hi Paul, thank you, i will remove the hdmi cable and check it out. Appreciate the follow up.
I love the amplifier otherwise, best sound quality I have ever experienced, I auditioned SA30 and Hegel H190 and Arcam sounded better, 3 months in and are listening to more music than ever before.
Thanks Earl

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Hi Paul,
Sorry for the delayed update, disconnecting the Arc resolved the matter. The amplifier did not switch back and forth between the inputs with the hdmi cable disconnected.
I have since reconnected the hdmi cable without any reoccurrence of the switching from CD to phono and likewise the arc connection was stable during the movie I reconnected hdmi to watch. I’ll let you know if it happens again, thanks Eedog

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Well thats good news. Definitely sounds like rogue messages from the TV. Do keep us updated.