SA30 build 867, version 1.41

Thanks for sharing, I didn’t know Arcam extended the remote control functionality. This new functionality is introduced with build 867. It would help if they announced this new functionality e.g. in the release note. Maybe I’ll spend a how to topic on it because in my opinion this is real customer added value.

Some time ago I submitted a similar feature request. Nice to see that Arcam implemented (parts of) it. I agree there are still a lot of button presses required, it would be a further usability improvement if it was possible to assign favourite radio streams to a single button on the remote control, e.g. the coloured teletext or number buttons.

Only differences I noticed are six pairs of RCA inputs, and no mention of eARC. I also noticed no mention of ARCAM in their list of leading brands - perhaps deliberate?!

Ok, I have missed that. In that case Thanks for requesting that. Already a useful feature. If they will deliver rest (assigning buttons to favorites) it will be perfect.

Noticed lack of eARC later. However came across into on Darko Audio, that seemingly full feature set will be shown later, so it still might change. Anyway looking at the whole thing it really looks like dressed up SA30, so unless they changed streaming and DSP platform, which is highly unlikely, it should be based on same firmware, which is good for us.
As for Arcam missing from the site now checked and you’re right. Interesting. Although I don’t think it means anything, as seemingly they are still investing in the brand (they seems to be designing HW for others in Harman, but also they started to use the brand in car audio).

Hi Max, welcome to the forum!

Are you aware of the following settings? I think they were introduced somewhere after build 521. Please toggle the TV power setting and retest your finding.

On the SA30 front console:

  • Menu -> audio settings -> TV audio
  • Menu -> audio settings -> TV power

Hi Max, all !

I use the amplifier with HDMI as well and can confirm that since v867 it does not power on with arc anymore. It was functionnal on on v705 and v521. Settings of Jvs1 are correct.

I face the supplementary following issues:

  1. I when I turn the amplifier on, I have to select another source (like BD) and then go to my TV settings to re-enable arc. Otherwise I have no sound. Most of the time I have to repeat this step several times to eventually have sound via arc… super annoying.

  2. I have regular audio cuts via hdmi (very short cuts, something like 3 to 5 times per 5 minutes)

My TV is a q90t from Samsung.

Do you face issues 1 & 2 as well ?
Do any other SA30 owner face the same issue with HDMI input ?

There are a lot of ARC peculiarities, I think it resembles the most with the next issue. Have a look at it, if you think it is different then please create a new issue in the issue section.

This is definitely the remainder of the issue below. In build 705 is was worse, in build 867 it is much better. Now and then you hear some audio drop outs. I has to be the following issue.

Both issues are known at Arcam and are being worked on.

Since the sound issue has been declared in Augustus, they don’t seem to be working hard on it :wink:

Issue with ARC is, that it relies on CEC protocol, which is not very well standardized.
Each manufacturer has own marketing name and tweaks.
I’m using Panasonic CX700 series TV, and for me ARC was very problematic on 705 (had to usually reboot the amp to get sound), yet on new software it seems nearly perfect. Seemingly in case of Samsung it’s other way around. Now question: is it Arcam’s fault, or…? :slight_smile:
I’m guessing the sound drops issue might also be related to DSP, similar to distortion. This will take while to get fixed.
Edit: actually I just realized, that I’m using ARC, and I think majority of problems seems to be w eARC. Wonder if this might be the issue.

I know that ARC / CEC can be tricky…

On the other hand, Samsung is the #1 TV Manufacturer worldwide and having an amp with HDMI that is not compatible with their TV sets is really disappointing.

I’ve just reveived today for testing purpose a Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 and guess what ?
It worked directly our of the box :

  • the TV powers on and off the amplifier every time
  • the “TV audio” source equivalent never is without sound (forcing to select / deselect the amplifier as a source several times before eventually getting sound)
  • there is no sound interruption. At all.

I do still prefer the Arcam warmer sound (Lyngdorf is more “analytic”) especially for voices in tv shows.

Now I’m really hesitating to return the SA30… for an alternative not as good regarding sound quality (at least to my ears) but that at least works as expected.

If only we had a timeframe of resolution… audio cuts issue is lasting since at least Augustus !

I mentioned TDAI-1120 several times already, as for me this is the only real competitor to SA30, with more or less same feature set and in similar price.
Lyngdorf products are very good, and are really polished. Room Perfect is superb.
But as you said - it will not suit everyone.
Knowing that Arcam is working on solution, and we have that new JBL amp in the pipeline, which will put more pressure on Arcam to get things sorted before its out, I would stick to SA30. That’s what I will do.

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Are there other users here who face no hdmi issue with their amp ?
If do, which tv brand/ model do you use ?

PS : felix thanks for all your answers and sharing your point of view / hopes of resolution.

BTW I’m also using ARC, when trying to activate eARC the sound is totally broken.

I just realised that Harman belongs to Samsung, which makes the situation even more incredible :wink:

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YouTube Airplay to Arcam via iPhone 11Pro plays 5 secs and stops.

MusicLife only loads 40 songs from a Tidal playlist whitch contents 245 songs.

MQA Tidal distortion less with MusicLife, more with Mconnect, more even with Node2i BD coax input

Selecting a song via Remote Control from USB pendrive after confirming to play with OK on the remote Arcam SA30 turns off.

Any ideas? Thanks.


Hi Alex,
what about the sound of the Lyngdorf compared to Arcam SA30?
Does Lyngdorf support MQA?
It only has 40w 8 ohm is this an issue with B&W 706s2 in your opinion?
How does the phono stage sounds the arcams sounds strange compared to my Marantz PM7000N.

Thanks a lot.
Jaro, Bratislava

Hi all - on the subject of random distortion, today I’m playing an MQA from Tidal on my Win 10 PC in to a Focusrite Scarlett USB interface then in to powered monitors and I got what seems like the same distortion as I’m getting intermittently from my SA30. I was pretty surprised to say the least.

On further investigation I found this thread on Reddit (1) Track Distortion MQA/HiFi : TIdaL ( I don’t really want to speculate because it’s entirely possible that these are two separate issues however it’s interesting and points to the possibility that it’s an issue that is MQA-specific and across different devices. I would speculate it’s a resampling error but I would expect the SA30 to play native sample rate whereas I have my Scarlett set to 44.1khz.

Anyone else had distortion playing from PC or mobile with MQA?

Good evening JaroDro,

The sound of the Lyngdorf is more analytic (very precise), less warm.
I would say it’s a question of taste, my preference still goes to the SA30.
If only the software (and especially HDMI) issues were solved :frowning:

The Lyngdorf amplifier has not 40w but 60w for 8ohms.
I use it as a test since several days with Dali Opticon 6 speakers (4ohms) and can confirm it still has a good reserve of power.
Unfortunately I can’t judge for the B&W nor the Phono as I had not possibility to test / compare.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hi all, i hade a felling last week as i was listening my Marantz PM7000N coaxinput + Node2i there is some distortion but was not so obvious because on the Marantz there are not so clear Highs as on Arcam. Was not sure what is going on. Also i figured i m getting mutch more distortion mconnect + arcam and Node2i+Coax+Arcam as on musiclife + arcam. Maybe it has something to do with double unfolding or so. I dont know.

Thanks a lot i appreciate your opinion.
I stay with the arcam and hope for a working software.

I am also trialling Roon at the moment and have found that the frequency of the distortion occurrence is worst with Roon.

I order from best to worst:

  • Musiclife (~20%)

  • MConnect

  • Roon (>75%)

I still think that the issue is to do with DAC and the sampling frequency being provided from the DSP being mis-matched with the source file.

When you sample a digital file at a non-integer multiple of its source sampling frequency, it sounds distorted, just like we are experiencing.

A question that I have is whether anybody has experienced many hours of listening music using any source (external analogue in for instance).

If we don’t use Dirac, use an analogue input and apply source direct, we should theoretically bypass all digital circuits and code, thus have no distortion (I haven’t tried this but will at the weekend).