SA30 build 705 version 1.33

Thanks for that. My laptop is on the same network as the SA30 and I can access the Web GUI On my laptop. If I right click a file on my laptop and Select cast to device Arcam SA30 is listed but when I Select it the SA30 recognises the file by displaying its meta data but then will refuse to play it. The cast to device app on Windows recognises the SA30 as well because it displays the Harman Kardon logo. If I do exactly the same things but select my Oppo player it will work ok. I have tried this same test on my PC with the same results. I have checked also that the Windows media sharing options are set to allow streaming to the SA30 which they are.

I can work around it anyway by putting the track onto my UPNP server Located on my NAS which shows up under My Computer and then selecting cast to device from there in which case i assume it is using the UPNP engine within that app on my NAS.

When I raised it initially some time ago someone said it didn’t work for them either.

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I was the one who faced the same problem, the problem is outlined in the issue below.

I reposted because gyrffe had said it worked when he/she tried it.

Sorry, I misunderstood your problem.

I mistakenly thought you could not cast from Google Chrome on a windows 10 machine. eg - cast music or dialogue to the SA30 from BBC Sounds, or iPlayer etc. I can do this, but like you I cannot play Flac files from NAS or hard drive.

Apologies for the confusion.

Hi Chris, welcome to the forum!

I can confirm I’m able to switch from NET input channel (listening to music played from NAS) to ARC input channel by using the remote:

  1. First I have to press on the “PC USB” button on the Arcam remote, Arcam console states ARC input channel is selected but no TV sound is played yet.
  2. Next I have to select tools button → receiver option on the Samsung TV remote in order to play TV sound through SA30.

I guess the second step is required to forward the TV audio from TV speaker to the receiver and is required on a Samsung TV only. Different TV brands might handle this differently.

In a previous SA30 firmware build discussion (this article has been unlisted) it was partly possible to switch to ARC input channel (remember @Mark’s pun: Icing on the ARCake :slight_smile: ).

FYI. I added a separate section to the starting topic with issues reported in this forum which are fixed in this build.

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Good to hear that the issue with sporadic distortion w analogue inputs seems to be solved, was quite annoying when playing cds- I have now connected my cd-player via dig coax instead. Sadly v705 has introduced other issues such as distortion on almost every MQA/hi-res track after a couple of hours of streaming…makes you wonder how much testing Arcam does before releasing their firmware updates…

I have an answer on the volume difference between firmware issues fromArcam.

The update fixed a bug where some inputs were too loud. All of the inputs have now been unified. The reason he can hear a change, is that 521 had filters set wrong from anything under 192khz… Like it gets progressively worse as you drop down, the bass gets over emphisized

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Interesting! Did he have any comments about the distortion that has come with v705?

No he asked me about it. I told him that in my case it was doing it after several hours of constant streaming of music from my NAS. I told him that all my music was in FLAC format at various resolutions from 44.1 to 192. It didn’t matter what sample rate but that the only way to resolve it was to power off and back on again. I told him that others on this forum have mentioned it did it with Tidal and MQA files as well and that it definitely doesn’t do it on V521 as I have been using that version for over a week now and not heard any distortion.

I saw now that I also got a response from Arcam support, and he says that the distortion-issue with MQA/hi-res tracks was detected by the software team as it was releasing (V705) and they are working on a fix for it…

Good to hear this is being fixed - it’s getting irritating.

Yes its very frustrating. They couldn’t say when the fix will be released though…Probably a good idea that everyone who experience distortion or other issues w 705 report this to Arcam support to maybe speed it up a bit…since v705 apparantly is regarded a mandatory update there is (according to the support) no other way to avoid the SA30 from updating than to disconnect the amp entirely from the internet…

Yes there is, DNS blocking or simply deny all internet access to the SA30. Refer to next topic.

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Good! Didn’t see that…just referred to my answer from Arcam…

Why is V705 a mandatory update out of interest. I’ve rolled back to V521 over a week ago and much prefer it to V705 for a number of reasons. Unless a newer update comes out that fixes all the issues and puts the life back into the sound that V521 gives I was intending to stay on that for ever.

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They didn’t say, have actually sent a reply to Arcam and asked them to clarify if/why v705 is regarded as a necessary/mandatory update - (maybe I misunderstood their answer to my question on how to roll back and maintain v521 where this was mentioned)

If you manage to identify a CEO please let me know. I wrote a letter to the MD only to find that he left three years ago.

Since my interest in SA30, been following the threads here before pulling the trigger. I have never seen a product released with so many bugs… and seems updates that fixes some issues upsets other working specs… not encouraging to stay positive for short term results.