Dirac Curves cannot be selected

Hello everyone, I got a used SA30, but there were some problems when using Dirac live: the Dirac program showed that the corrected curve had been uploaded to SA30, but the corresponding file name uploaded on SA30 could not be found, only “no curve” and an “EQ2” were displayed, even if I uploaded three curves, and when I selected “EQ2”, I did not feel any change in sound. I tried to restore the firmware many times and also tried to replace multiple Dirac versions and the issue didn’t get resolved. Can someone help me? I also downloaded the SA30’s changelog and found that it contained information about the Dirac curveS I uploaded. Also, when I finish upgrading the firmware, the version number displayed on the screen of SA30 is V0.13, the net version number is 0.100.154, and there is no avr version displayed, is this normal?
Thank you for any answers!

Hi anzo, welcome to the forum! Did you perform a Factors Reset using the System Settings > Net Reset and System Settings > System Reset menu options after the update?

Hi jvs1,I confirmed that I performed the above operation more than once, and followed the “SA30 v1542 Revival Bundle” guidelines to first perform the “V1206 V1.72” upgrade operation, but the firmware version number did not change. In the above process I did not use usb for recovery, Instead, the firmware was uploaded in Chrome for an upgrade. I now find it difficult to understand the version number “v0.13” and I emailed HARMAN’s customer service and they suggested I go to the dealership, but it was a second-hand product, so it was more difficult. Thank you for your answer!

v0.13 is VERY old. Cant’ remember now, but would be good to read carefully release notes, as i remember upgrading from those very old version required upgrade to one of the versions below 1.0 first, and only than further upgrades.

So, where can I find the release notes? I’ve almost broken arcam’s official website ~ but I didn’t find what I was looking for here.

Wow, that’s a nice find! Thanks!
Please PM me your email address, i can share old firmwares using OneDrive.

I am very happy to tell you, I have successfully written to the MCU! Now the system version has become V1.72, Dirac is normal!Thank you for your help, if you encounter similar problems in the future, maybe I can share some experience!

If your unit freezes and you don’t want to ask a dealer for help, you can use the MPLAB program to rewrite the MCU firmware via the KIT3 programmer.