Dirac app asking for a license

Perform the following steps:

  1. Just received & unboxed my Arcam SA30 v1.62 / 1027
  2. Configured it for Chromecast & played some tunes
  3. Downloaded Dirac Live Processing app to Mac (BigSur, 11.6)
  4. Couldn’t get anything but Dirac ‘*No Curves’ to show up on the Arcam
  5. Open Dirac App on Mac… it says: “You don’t have an active license… Please purchase it here…”
  6. Rebooted Arcam
  7. Rebooted Mac
  8. Opened Dirac App… still telling me to get a license… ???

The weird thing is that when I go to the Dirac Website, the only option I have for purchase is the subwoofer add on for $349.

I cannot seem to find any info about this anywhere…

Also, for some reason, when I’m on the Net input, the display reads “Root”.

Any advice?

Make sure your Mac and the Arcam are on the same network. Also probably unrelated, but you need to update the firmware. When you open the Dirac app, you should see the Arcam SA 30 as a choice to connect to.


In the software front page can you click the balloon in the top left corner and manually enter the IP address of your SA30 and see if that works. If it doesn’t can you open a web browser and enter the IP address there which should take you to the web GUI. If you cannot access the SA30 in either case that would suggest either your MAC isn’t communicating with the SA30 on your network or there is an issue with the networking part of the amp either software or hardware.


Thank you both for the speedy replies!

Ok - software is upgraded to 1.72 - still no love from the Dirac app.

@paulguk - when you say “the software” front page - which software? On the DiracLiveProcessor Mac OS app, after the license warnings, there is no balloon in the top left corner (at least that I can see…).

@Ken - I am able to access the web UI on my mac’s web browser, we’re connected to the same wireless router, are on the same subnet & are arpable, so I don’t think it’s a network issue, but I could be wrong. Of note, the Android Dirac app recognizes the SA30, but says I cannot use the mobile app with the SA30.

After the upgrade, I also just get the “No Curves” option on the device’s LED UI…

You will see that until you load the filters from the Dirac app. I assume you downloaded Dirac Live 3. When you first open the app, do you see a tear drop shaped bubble at the upper left that says IP ? If so, try putting in the SA 30’s ip address that you used to open the web interface of the SA 30.

Ugh… how embarrassing… somehow, I downloaded an old version of Dirac from their website.

v3 works just fine.

Thank you both for your help!!


What’s particularly weird is that even though it was an old version… the installer download file was also called ‘diraclive-latest’…

I think what you downloaded is a DSP software for PC. It allows you to use Dirac Live (having licence of course) on your PC, without the need of having any gear with DL. So using your PC as source, you could hook up it’s sound card to any amplifier and anything that’s played using PC would be processed with DL ON THAT PC.
I think they are not developing this software anymore, hence old version is shown as latest one.

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Now the fun begins!! If you have not done so already, read up on taking good measurements. Also the included mic is not up to snuff in my opinion. The minidsp Umik-1 or Umik-2 usb mic with a good mic stand is worth the cost. The mic comes with a link to download the measurement file for the mic so it will measure flat in Dirac Live 3. I am an old tube and vinyl analog guy, but Dirac Live made a digital believer out of me. Big fun. Enjoy!