Dirac Live - unable to connect laptop to SA30

Hi all, I am on version v1.41 net v867 and connected to the SA30 via airplay and chromecast. I can cast to the device and airplay so am definitely on the network.
I have just purchased the SA30 and have started the process of setting up Dirac Live 3. The first step is to find the device on the network with the Dirac App does. However when clicking on the SA30 it comes back with the message “Time-out when trying to contact ARCAM SA30 Check network settings and that the device is on the network”.
Its definitely on the network. Has anyone else had this same issue or could you suggest anything to fix this or where I may have gone wrong?

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Hi Ben, welcome to the forum! Just a few questions to get you started:

  1. Have you fisnished the SA30 configuration? Just open a browser and go to the ip address of the SA30. If it is not configured completely it will ask you several questions. After completion you should be able to see a tab with the web player.
  2. Is it possible to reach the SA30 from the laptop? Just open a command prompt on the laptop and ping the ip address of the SA30.

The ip adress of the SA30 can be found on its console, go to network settings. Hope this helps.

Hi there and thanks for the reply! Yes the configuration is all done and I can reach the SA30 with a ping and also within Dirac but then it times out when I try to connect.
I hope the attachment comes through? It shows that it finds “Bens Arcam SA30” but then when I click on it it just times out with this message? Any ideas? Does the amp need to be in any particular input mode or anything like that?

Just to let you know I have never run Dirac Live before so I could be doing something very obviously wrong!

I never encountered this timeout error. Did you search the Dirac faq? It has an entry about network timeouts and where to find the logfiles. Have a look at these 2 articles and check out your logfiles, they may convey relevant pointers.

Sorted! The old Kaspersky tripped me up by blocking the connection between my laptop and the amp. Thing is it didnt pop up and say anything, it was only when I went in and disabled the port as per the troubleshooting directions you sent. Thanks so much for your help I really appreciate it

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You are welcome. Nice to read the problem is solved. Happy listening :slight_smile: