After an update the existing Dirac curves are gone!

Hello everyone I wanted to help and learn share issues about the sa 30 amp.I discovered on You Tube ,from Terrason Audio 24 april,how to update with a usb stick,they confirmed that after the update the Direc curves are gone,so you have to insert them again. Its logically that the curves are not involved with an update. My question is have anybody experience with that ???

Hello mateus, Welcome to the forum! One of the steps you have to perform after an upgrade of the firmware is a perform a factory reset. This is a mandatory step for a successful update. All configuration is set to default and all saved user data is lost. E.g. but not limited to:

  • Dirac curves
  • favourite radio channels
  • time zone information
  • Google Cast configuration.

In general after a upgrade all settings/ configurations are defaulted. I do not have any experience with Dirac curves, maybe these can be saved to disk and restored at a later point in time. I believe other users do have experience with Dirac.

Thanks for youre message,i assume you are a moderator,fine,Direc is awsome very nice sound ,I hope people will react ,I send also a email to about this .The sa30 is a good sounding amp i use them with b&w 705s2 speakers ,well as you know sound is personal ! I buy this amp becouse I am lazy,just one piece that,s do it all.I only stream its like a great Juxebox everytime I am surprised ,listening is healthy for you,re mind.
Greetings from Holland - Mateus .

I try to do my best.

The footer of the Arcam website states the proper support email address for the rest of the world is

The manual of the Dirac software mentions a filter export (and save project) function, refer page 12 in the manual. I assume you can use one of these functions to store you Dirac configuration for later use. However as mentioned before I have no experiences with Dirac.

When the Dirac curve is created you have to save it, otherwise you cannot close down the Dirac program. So the original poster will have at least 1 Dirac curve saved, which can then be loaded again.As per the screenshot, select “Load project” (to get to the Load Project option select the “Circle” icon on the toolbar , which is to the left of the ? icon)and this will load your saved Dirac curve. From there just skip through all the steps until you get to the 2nd last step, called Filter Design. You will have to give the curve a new name, but it will adopt the curve settings from the saved project.

Hope this works

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Thanks gryffe for the detailed explanation.

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As long as they are saved on the PC or whatever you used to run Dirac you can just open the software click through to the end and reload them into all or any of the 3 available slots

Thanks gryffe , so its true that you must save the direc curves on a stick ,and after a new update you must reinstall them again,that was the question ,becouse my dealer install them,i am not good with direc.I shall ask him to install the curves on a usb stick with fat 32, so i can reinstall them after a new update. Arcam is with there software difficult for new customers, i think this will go better every new divice have some problems, anyway the sound makes it all good .
Greets Mateus from Holland .

Hi Mateus,

Forgive me if I am misunderstanding here, it’s not clear from your post.
Did your dealer save the curves to USB stick in the shop, or in your own listening room? If it was in the shop I don’t think the curve is suitable for use, the whole idea of Dirac is to adapt the sound to the listening conditions in your listening room and what you have is the curve recorded in the shop if that is where he did the recording curve.
If the dealer did in fact set up the curve in your listening room it would have made sense for him to save it on your computer as well as the stick. So if he did save on your computer you can load the saved curve using the instructions I supplied.

hi gryffe, when i buy the sa 30 the dealer phoned me that he make a new update with a usb stick,so he opened the box,no problem, he came with the new amp ,and make at my home the direc filter and send this with his laptop pc to the amp,but he didn,t make a copy on a stick for me, i didn,t ask him because i expect its forever stays in the amp.I told him about the issue when there is a new update the direc curves will gone,he told me that Arcam and Direc not work well together and that he also is depending of what,s really going on.There is on You tube an instruction video how to update the sa 30 with a usb stick,then i noticed that with a new update the direc curves are gone. You can see this on you tube from Terrason Audio 24 april 2020,my dealer will come again and I will ask him to save the curves on a usb fat 32 stick as arcam suggest to do.Thanks for you,re reply greets Mateus .

Ok Mateus, no problem. Hope it works out ok for you.

GoodEvening everybody,I have received an answer of Arcam support,ITS NOT POSSIBLE TO CREATE DIREC FILTERS ON A USB STICK,YOU HAVE TO USE DIREC AND SAVE YOU,RE FILTERS THERE , AFTER A UPDATE YOU MUST SEND THE FILTERS FROM DIREC TO THE SA30 AMP AGAIN that,s it ,they also said that that they work on it to make it possible with a usb stick!
They make it not easy for the owners ,you must learn to use Direc,it really helps the sound in you,re livingroom a lot - Greetz Mateus .

gryffe hello with Mateus ,Arcam support emailed me and said that,s it not possible to put filters on a usb stick I need to work with Direc save there my filters and send them to the sa 30 Amp. I don,t know how to work with Direc,my dealer makes filters after the latest arcam update,on his Laptop.d So I must download Direc on my Pc ,do I must make an account and give my divice serial number ,so they know I have a licence , can you help me out of this , my dealer must teached me how to send the filters to my amp. He comes again because I have new speakers ,thanks ahead - greets Mateus .

Hi Mateus

There is a link to some doc here -,hda,integrated-amplifiers,sa30.htm

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and use the > at the bottom right which will take you to a link to the Dirac files, this will download in a zip file which you can install on your computer. There is also instructions on how to use Dirac within the zip file.

At first sight it might be a little complicated to setup Dirac for your SA30. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable then ask you dealer to set it up for you. If you willing to do it by yourself then there is various information available, e.g. the links provided in this topic. You might also have a look at the instruction videos Arcam published on YouTube. They published 9 videos on this subject. The link to the playlist is below. I hope this works out for you.

Gryffe thanks I download Direc Live on my Pc and make an account ,but I have to wait for my dealer, he must make new filters for my new speakers with my Pc and learn me how to send them to the sa30 amp, after a new update from Arcam . Thanks again greets Mateus !

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Hello JVS1 thanks for you,re reply and help greets Mateus !

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