No TV sound through ARC after modifying Lip Sync setting multiple times, ref#86


  • HDMI cable is connected between Arcam SA30 and TV;
  • TV brand is Samsung, model UE46F6500;
  • TV and Arcam SA30 are switched off.

Perform the following steps:

  1. switch on Arcam SA30 build 634 version 1.27 is used
  2. switch on TV (TV sound will be played through SA30=ok)
  3. on the SA30 front panel, go to menu, audio settings, lip sync
  4. select ARC
  5. change value (SA30 will suppress the TV sound for some seconds=ok)
  6. wait until TV sound is played through SA30
  7. repeat from step 5 for 5 times, select another value in step 5

Actual result
No TV sound is played through SA30

Expected result
TV sound should be playing through SA30

Additional information
The lip sync settings works as long as the setting isn’t changed more than 5 times in a sequence.

Retested with following versions, result is passed.